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ASMRctica ASMR - ASMR Relief World Map - Soft spoken History of the Continental Plates

2017/Sep/15 12:29:48


Hello everyone, Personally I really like the sound of scratching off lottery tickets and I have been planning to make such a video since always. Sometimes when I ... ASMR Scratch Off World Map (o...
2013/Sep/08 02:07:28


World of ASMR S01E03 This is one of my best video's with Inaudible Sounds, Whispers & Brushing Sounds with Dmitri. This video almost triggered my ASMR ... World of ASMR S01E03 This is ...
2018/Jul/20 23:55:02


Hey all, I know I exaggerated a little bit on the title. But I hope you all enjoy this video. I have combined soaps all over the world, and if you see the soap that your ... WORLD'S LARGEST SOAP HAUL...
2018/Oct/23 15:33:16

Amazing Crafts

The Most Satisfying Video in the world Oddly Satisfying Slime Asmr Videos Compilation 2018 Have you ever seen something that makes your skin tingle and ... The Most Satisfying Video in ...
2017/Aug/09 00:13:19

ASMR Darling

After many requests, IT'S FINALLY HERE! slime slime slime slime slime slime slime slime slime. Special thanks to Elaine! :) Check out her links down below! ASMR THE BEST SLIME IN THE WORLD
2017/Sep/29 20:37:40

SophieMichelle ASMR

Hello there my lovelies! Let's use this time to build both knowledge and self-love. Take time to relax as I whisper softly from ear to ear with some fabulous facts ... ASMR~ Whispered ear to ear~ 1...
2019/Apr/07 16:00:04

Chaeri ASMR

Hi everyone! In this video I will be creating a Kul'Tiran human in World of Warcraft. The video includes soft speaking, mouse clicking sounds and keyboard typing ... [ASMR] Kul Tiran Human Charac...
2018/May/21 19:30:01

SensorAdi ASMR

World's most relaxing ASMR for Woman. Gentle touching massage and binaural ear to ear sounds with ear whispers. Zlata is one of my biggest fan. She came to ... World's Most Relaxing ASM...
2017/Nov/13 05:09:42


So this giant gummy bear is the world's largest and it weighs 5lb, it cost me $50 CND, worth every penny cuz it was SO delicious! Next time maybe I will get the ... ASMR World's Largest GUMM...
2018/Jun/13 00:20:27

BohemianWhisper ASMR

Hello world! Hope everyone's having a great day/night so far, wherever you are :). This video entails breathy whispering of the names of countries all over the ... ASMR Whispering 197 COUNTRIES...
2017/Jan/14 22:05:56

Common Cents

Probably the worlds fastest ASMR trigger test. 20 triggers in a little over 3 minutes. If you enjoy Cranial Nerve Exams, please check out ... WORLD'S FASTEST ASMR TRIG...
2019/Apr/14 03:03:11

Tyson ASMR

Some mouth sounds and repeating words for tingles Don't forget to like and subscribe and hit the bell! Thank you ASMR Piano Tingles for the intro! ASMR With The World's Sma...
2019/Jan/28 21:31:11


A tiny pet bunny rabbit eating an apple peel! The rabbit loves eating fresh fruits and vegetables, and a delicious apple is one of the rabbit's favorite foods to eat! Rabbit eating apple peel ASMR...
2017/Jul/23 13:11:58

Cakeley Playz

ASMR World's Greatest Head Massage! This video is inspired by Baba The Cosmic Barber. He is a renown Indian barber that use Comisc energy in head ... 1K SPECIAL - ASMR World's...
2019/Apr/18 14:58:17

Magnet World

DIY - How To Make Forest House and River with Magnetic Balls (ASMR) | Pixel Art by Magnet World 4K Thank you for watching - please help us reach 1000000 ... DIY - How To Make Forest Hous...
2016/Feb/06 01:00:32


Important: Please select 1080s video quality for viewing this video (by clicking the gear icon). Anything less is unwatchable.*** Hi, friends! Welcome to my third ... 360° ASMR Trigger Test - Ste...
2019/Apr/20 23:30:00


Hey everyone and welcome back to another ASMR world video. ASMR Q&A with relaxing male ASMR whispers. In this ASMR video i will answer the questions ... ASMR Q&A - Relaxing Male ...
2018/Sep/28 18:00:42

ASMR çambeyli massage

➤➤Ücretsiz Abone Olun: subscribe now: FULL NECK CRACK VİDEOS hello... ASMR World's best neck c...
2019/Apr/22 20:15:00

PJ Dreams ASMR

Socials: Become a Sponsor: ... ASMR flipping through a World...
2017/Aug/22 18:15:20

Lovely asmr S

2018/Jun/10 18:43:27

Caroline ASMR

Egypt (Arabic) 01:40 Russia (Russian) 03:30 Saudi Arabia (Arabic) 04:05 Uruguay (Spanish) 04:36 Iran (Persian) 05:13 Morocco (Arabic) 05:58 Australia ... ASMR Trying to Speak YOUR Lan...
2017/Dec/25 23:27:42


Massage start: 1:00 As requested, the Camera used in this video: As you may have heard, Baba Sen has passed away. Please consider ... World's Greatest Head Mas...
2017/Dec/17 01:05:49

Olivia Kissper ASMR

I've just made a part 2 of This ASMR Will Get You High! Watch it here: ⚡ TRY ONLINE THERAPY: ... FASTEST ASMR in THE WORLD! Tr...
2017/Feb/19 00:24:00

Common Cents

Micro-ASMR video featuring 100 different triggers. Sound might be inverted, I do apologize but the sounds should be good regardless. Hope you enjoy. FIRST WORLD'S FASTEST 100...
2017/Aug/17 20:17:20


Using Earth Globe as reference, I draw a world map on paper and orange peel while soft speaking - Sleep Aid Relaxation including Soothing Pencil, Tapping, ... ASMR Drawing Map of the World...
2019/May/01 18:00:02

Roxane ASMR

Ceci est une vidéo ASMR, mets des écouteurs pour un maximum de relaxation ! Déroule la description pour en savoir plus. ASMR FRANCAIS ♡ CARDI B TRI...
2019/May/05 01:11:21

Tony Bomboni ASMR

Subscribe For More ASMR: #ASMR #tonybomboni #worldofwarcraft Showing my 300 plus pet collection that has ... My Pet Collection ASMR: World...
2019/Mar/07 12:00:03

Chaeri ASMR

In this video I will be showing my World of Warcraft mount collection, the video includes whispering, mouse clicking sounds and keyboard sounds. Enjoy! [ASMR] World of Warcraft - My...
2015/Dec/29 18:15:31

Made In France ASMR

ASMR Relaxing Binaural Sound Triggers of a deeply crinkling paper in this calming and satisfying video. No talking. ✨ALL INFOS ✨ Thumbs when you ... [ASMR] The Most CRINKLY Paper...
2018/Apr/02 13:59:59


Talking about what I've learned so far about the historic movements of the tectonic plates of the earth – in this Soft Spoken Geography Show & Tell ASMR video ... ASMRctica ASMR - ASMR Relief ...
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