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후니 Hoony

후니 Hoony

online since :: 19/12/26
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ENG SUB)Nuclear Spicy noodles Challenge (Bibimmyeon) Eat MukbangKorean ASMR 후니 Hoony Eatingsound

ENG SUB)Nuclear Spicy noodles Challenge (Bibimmyeon) Eat MukbangKorean ASMR 후니 Hoony Eatingsound

published :: 20/04/15
Let's try it today! I tried spicy chicken noodles! I tried to eat all five bags of it, but... It was so spicy that I couldn'tsucceed.crying The spicy taste got bigger and ...
Jazelle Esteves
Woah that's a lot Hi oppa I kinda laugh at the part when oppa ate the chick eggs Hahaha
Wulan Pertiwi Agustin
I am from Indonesia 🇮🇩 I like your channel. And you are very handsome :)
Margaretha S
my fav.
itz Kurt Life
Why so handsome please reply
fina Elias
I think your mouth big and red after eat spicy noodles same like chicken in the packet of plastic noodle😂
Jenny Kaye Rivera
Ooowwwww cute
Macele Ribeiro
Amei kkkk parabéns amo seu canal 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😘
loli chan
Вау вкусно выглядит 🤤😍 спасибо за субтитры) ✨
fha aqlh
He looks like a cutie joker 😍😍
Hahahha lol😂
You're so pretty hoony 😂
Sabina Barnes
Hoony drink milk or eat ice-cream helps put the fire out of your mouth!!!!!!!!!!!
Asenla Awomi
Hoony your eggs are so cute 😊
the orange goldfish Goldie
The ending 😂
Ça m'amuse de le voir souffrir 😂 je suis pas méchante après tout c'est pas de ma faute s'il mange des nouilles épicées personnes ne lui a demandé de faire ça 😂
불닭볶음면이 원래 4400스코빌인데 이번에 새로 나온 또다른 2200스코빌인 라이트불닭 건면이 나왔데용❤ 리뷰해주세요~
Khlauie Valencia
신유 라Shin yura
당신은 고통에 매우 재미있다
Stay Healthy
tired daisy
he is like joker with that sauce around his lips😂
Prince Mc Alvarico Camonayan
Hoony : eats half of the noodles even tho its spicy. Me: lick one drop of the sauce Starts Crying
Ho Ho Hoony love you 🎀💓💓💓🎀 Cute cute cute sooooooooooooo cute 😭❤😭❤
kook Lovely97
Hoonyyy ti supporterò fino alla fine 😍❤️
Super Tutut
Halo kawan, saya pelanggan baru dari Indonesia 🇮🇩
Іванна Голютяк
Leha Pesek
Omg you is so cute 😍 oppa me .. Fighting saranghae 💪😄
aisha shahid
Ha, I just had noodles 🍝
فديت كرشه تااي
*l miss you* 💜🔥
Wendy Poon
Hoony, do you have a death wish? 😆😂 🔥🔥🔥
zahra naufalia
don't eat some spicy food so much:(
Hân Phạm
Ăn cay không được nhưng lại rất thích ăn cay kkk
Kalani Ackerman
RIP your mouth!😅😅😅😅 PS: You're so cute as always!!!😁😁
army BTS
Anyo hasseyo honi
The Kim's Family
계란 닭 너무 귀여웡!!! 속이 안아파요? 핵불닭보다 그 라면 더 매워요? 여긴 아직 없으니까... 너무 궁금해요 ㅎㅎㅎ
Sabina Barnes
Hoony I hope you drink water your body especially kidneys and bladder need it much love from USA 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗
ong seongwoo
hoony is a idol cute right
Kubra Rajput
hoony regret eating spicy food...but still eats😁
Dhela Eka
So funny ❤❤❤
Ano Aziz
Hoony you are so sweet...and great...keep it up
He is so cute
Widhia Prawito sari
ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ매력쟁이네요ㅋㅋㅋㄲ 얼마나 매운지 저도 도전해야겠네요
Jung Hari31
매우 맛있어 보인다💖🤤
make คนกลางคืน
I’m_A_wEeB OwO
I just ate dinner and now I want to eat again TwT
Aira _ 7345
Creative Egg🤤🤗
달걍 깨알갔이 서있다
Santanu Kumar Deo
I like your all videos and you are the best ❤😉😊
Basit Awal
I love the design on the egg!😂😂😂
Christa Capilitan
Pls don’t do eat spicy foods that you can’t handle. We your fans can not help but worry! Pls stay healthy and safe!
OTP Catherine
Lmao those chicken eggs looks so cute but ifeel bad for them sittin on spicy noodles bet their butts are burnt XDDD
Tnnu Singh
Oooooo so cute 😍😍😍😍😍
Blue_Kawaii -vlogs
You should do the using only a spoon to eat food on the next PLZ
Sabina Barnes
Hoony we love you keep up the great job bringing us great content love seeing you eat spicy food facial expressions food facial expressions are priceless you deserve 1million subscribers and more 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗
Celina Conte
Tarde pero feliz,estaba esperando un vídeo tuyo🤧💜💓
Jai Tesaluna
그림을 너무 잘 그리셔용~~ 후니 후니 후니~~~♡♡♡😏🎀🤗
Hoa Tran
kim choi
another ep of suffering to spicy foods HAHAHAH i came late but its better late than never
당신은 매우 친절합니다⁦(◍•ᴗ•◍)❤⁩
Modern Soft
That noodles so spicy 😱😱
Giedre .G
And here we go again...and again...and again:) you can't live without spicy food anymore:) And I can't live without watching it.
Yo Listen up
My mouths watering it looks so good
stevanie 30
please don't lift your front hair and show your forehead hoon, it fascinates me!
I love asmr (you))))))
Geise Santos
que lindo ❤ meu youtuber favorito de asmr 💜
Rody Messi
Love you sooo much hoony😍❤️
Katrina Shosho
it looks delicious though but spicy I feel bad you had a spicy lips 😂😀
Akasyah Matin
My sister: dude, what are you watchinggggg? It sounds so wronggggg. Me: im watching mukbang. The sound of someone is dying bcs of spiciness. My sister: well i thought you're watching porn. . . . . . 😂😂😂
John Reindrix Baniqued
Love you hoony
Zabdi Jehieli Martínez González
eggs are very cute 🐣
I love your mukbangs🤣🥰❤
Sabina Barnes
Coke will make it worse
Lyn minho
cute 😊😊😊
Oppo A31
Hoony mouth big
Boiii why u sooooooo adorable😭♥️♥️♥️
Diya Divya
When u first ate i thought u were wearing lipstick😁😂😂💄💄💄💄
Maybe ice will help the spice! Maybe keep it out
Kim Maria.
Hoony is very cute💞 I love your videos💞
Sigit Pur
HOONY fighting.....💪💪💪💜💜
Gökçe Su Özen
285. comment i luv u ❤❤❤❤❤
Emdz Ztavia
อร่อยมาก😍 Stay healthy na kub❤
Mr Skybound
How to get a lipstick but not buy a lipstick: Eat Spicy Noodles and now u have a spicy lip
Kim Taehyung
He made the eggs into chickens....its the little details that matter🐔🐣
Seungcheol Choi
0:02 he's broke af
Nct 127 Haechan Love
Is again mega good huny the video is mega super best I like you draw you draw mega good and mega beautiful I like you and your videos which are always so exciting thank you huny
Yeobo! 🍯
Sri Utami
You're so cute
Mireli Morales Hernandez
Que rico se ve todo !!! Quiero comerlo. Pd: Hoony realmente eres muy tierno ♡ tu canal y el de Ssoyoung son mis favoritos para entretenerme. ❤❤
Melanin Queen
Where the English subtitles I love watching but I need English subtitles but still I joy able
Bangtan V
He is just like a kindergarten student he is cute he draws small things and pretends to take it out if the board he eats like a kid as well😂😂
ur name.
His a living cute doll😍
Hafsah Shameera
3:40 Dats one big mouth
Haven Kate
Hoony why are you making it hard towards yourself? 😂
Komar Riyadi
You Is Rearly hansome And Cuteee
Tri marwati
Aaaaaa cute....
swiya chowdary
Lots of love from 🇮🇳 INDIA
Amber Park
5:32 eat a egg chicken
me seeing the thumbnail: oh dear hoony is gonna torture himself again-
BANG 안녕! โปรดยิ้ม
Another spicy food. Hahaha 🍲😂
Another day of Hoony regretting his life decisions with spicy food XD
jegs measeaa
Ur videos r really lit . Yummy yummy.
Zeynep Naz
Wow you're so cute
Sarp Demirtaş With No Video
When I see that face, I just want to punch it.
A-Music Life
Médecin : comment vous êtes vous fait ces brûlures d’estomac ?!!! 후니 Hoony : heu...😅😅 Ps: super vidéo 💜💜💜😊
Weird Brianna
Bare with me I’m eating 2 bags of takis :
Мариам Алтуева
Аш самой захотелось 🙉🥰
Era Mayra
He can't eat spicy but he always my favorite mukbangers ever... 😍
Seoul Moon
I didn't sleep yet I still missed this? Dam me I'm usually a *super active member*
•V_Yøongi Trapïto •
Eres muy bonito cuando comes, grandioso video te quieroo oppa
Anthonette Suyo Du
Hoony! You did it again😂💖 Eating spicy foods even though your not good at eating spicy.. such a nice person❤️
YngridLouise concepcion
He has a spicy lipstick and you can lick it :3
airi danyo-n
あ〜辛そう! 私なんてそんな辛いラーメン食べれません!ソーヨンさんとの動画見させてもらってます!日本人いますか?
I heard if you eat to much spicy hot things you could get cancer, I don't know if it's true but please be careful honny, love you!!!
먹능숟가락으로 너봐요
M a k o
3:28 start eating
Douce Folie
These koreans have a big mouth tbh I would have gagged if I put that much in my mouth xp
anja van anholt
Just wanna say this *your video's never dissapoints me!♡♡*
John Marquez
He always remind me of nu’est JR. Kyeopta!
yohan heart
ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 형.. 어떤 쪽이 더 매운가? 데스넛 아니면 불닭비빔연?😂😂
K-Bell Harris
I feel bad 4 u 😭😭😭
Itz vichan
You look like joker
Anisha Waiba
Drawing skill 👌🏻
Hoony Hoony Hoony ☕
John 23
*Eating Death Nut Hoony: Do I regret it? No, as long as the viewers enjoy it, I will continue... Me: Oh Hoony!, I'm so proud of you, I hope you will be successful someday Edit: Can you make another tonghulu video
Rith Sonita {Official}
You so funny every day 🤣
perje 2012
Honny : after eating extremely spicy nut...and also!!!Honny: never regrets stay safe
Akmaral Kazhigaliyeva
Cuteee Hoony😍❤❤
Princess on YT
It’s yummy
CJ galaxiege
Me: Wow those lips are HOOOOTT! 🤧 burning hot! 🌋🔥
Unicorn Playz
Why hoony is so cuuttee🥺
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