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ASMR by Avori

ASMR by Avori

online since :: 19/11/03
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Bubble Wrap ASMR Eating, licking, and asmr crinkles (ACMP)

Bubble Wrap ASMR Eating, licking, and asmr crinkles (ACMP)

published :: 19/12/18
When I first decided to record this video, I was going to do an ASMR crinkle test, but I jokingly bit the bubble wrap and then an oddly satisfying sound emerged ...
Abdiel Rivas
When you put the bubble wrap in your mouth, OMG that tingled me so freaking hard
More kisses
Love the candle at the end!
Mike Hunt
Gosh she is pretty. ❤️
Thanks for the upload, keep up the good work!!! You deserve way more subscribers. Why don’t you use SMZeus?! Use it to promote your videos, it will help you grow your channel!!!
Your mum will be proud
Sim Salabim
Your eyes say you are a 100% Italian. But the title is in Russian, so go figure. Не понятно. Was ist los? :D
Castiel VE
Oh god please make more videos
Danny How
You are awesome, keep up the work. Agreed. Asmr in the pose 😍
Ben Adams
Lol all the feet people. Aren't wrong entirely 🤔🤗🤣
Rebecca Hanson
Great work. Would love some feet doe
Tarık Yüksel
I just subscribed very good Asmr video and relaxing sounds 👍👌
Michał Cygan
Great Video!
Vance Nolan
Love your style. Make it cozy. Asmr with your feet in the background boosts like a mf
Lonaj Gamer
Just found out she does ASMR lol
Ephias Kronus
A'very nice
Aaron Hudson
I felt a lot of tingles!! I needed that. Thank you 🙏🏾
Black Templar Chaplain
This helped me get a goodnights rest. Good job 😄👍
You Tube
You should start doing these again, either live or a youtube video ♡_♡
Art is an Explotion
Me masacoteo la pinga todos los dias viendo tus videos. Eres lo mejor. Siempre me sacas la chele a borbotones, tienes talento
Eric Bastiaanse
As usuall i was out cold the moment this video ended
Pink youkai97
The video was good :) I loved the crinkle sounds ^^
Ben James
tingles for days, nothing like watching you kick some ass at games then relaxing to your crackling noises, dominating in pubg and asmr 😎💆‍♂️👍
Finally, glad to see you back ☺️
Mr Nobody
happy holydays from drunk DED MOROZ,счастливого просмотра
كويتي خليجي
Plz can you doing new video asmr biting pen
Tom Live Football
Your asmr IS the King 🔥😴
Jack M
what does ACMP stand for?
My childhood of being expressly ordered to NOT put bubble wrap (and other plastics) in my mouth, is worried over this. But also, my ears are loving the noises sooooo. 😅
Drew Harris
My oh my you're flawless. Not guna lie, some ear licking and soles would be fire 🔥
Darren Ceylon
Hey Avori whats your upload schedule for this channel looking like?
Bigshotz 12
Great idea
la ciudat
you are gorgeous
What portal are all these hot ASMRtists coming from?
Miguel Munoz
You look like somebody famous but I can't put my finger on it.
what an amazing feeling to find your channel
pain pain
i love you 😇
ASMR by Avori
hey guys, I hope you enjoy this new style of asmr, less overlays and more tingles! enjoy :) xoxo -Avori
this is great! keep em coming!
Eric Bastiaanse
Fantastic job as usuall
Tyler Alexander
Do asmr in the pose, like some kissing and inaudible whispers. If you aren't sure what the pose is look up asmr rose ahhha all of her vids in the pose have much higher views. Just a suggestion to get the subs but you're wonderful 😘😘
Ashton Madison
What a great video! So utterly relaxing
Ty for posting again I watch a lot of asmrtists and I’m quickly becoming a big fan of yours ty please post weekly! Lots of love
Rodeo Dad
How are you so good at this?! Your beauty alone is calming AND you rock at ASMR sounds!
It is great - reminds me of the streams. So that is good. Premiere feature is horrible, but if it works for you...
Gina Lauren
Oh yes show some soles 😍
I thought ive seen it all, and super sexy and godess face appears. Insta sub!
And another Channel that starts promissing and than just stop.
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