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ASMR (Drawing maps from memory!) Part1 (The UK)

ASMR (Drawing maps from memory!) Part1 (The UK)

published :: 19/05/14
I like drawing maps from memory too but most of the time I just get lazy and do badly at the end, or my teacher tells me to pay more attention Also hyped that ur back
Reese M
Your handwriting though..
Wow that’s pretty close from only memory, good job! Just a little help - Scotland is spelled with one t. And London is lower on the map ;)
skye Anderson
I honestly think you have the best intro I’ve ever heard it’s just so relaxing
Make more vids pls :D
umbralino Trevoso
I'm so traumatized that I swore you was drawing the map of WESTEROS.
Don't chew your nails, please
Das ist Dragon
The one person who disliked this video is an asshole. 🙃
SpongeBob NiggaPants
My grandma suggested foot asmr
Fuckyobih montes
I want asmr if you talking please
LocalJax ASMR
Wow awesome lovely sounds
Cool ASMR. I think it may have been ur birthday recently??? If so Happy Birthday!
Tyree Mason
OMG its his birthdayyyyyyyy. 🎂
Hey I'm a NEW suscriber and i thought you werent uploading anymore. Maybe I'm too meticulous but you should put the lights on the top so se can see the drawing and not the shape of the camera
Hope to see drawing the map of the whole world from memory one day. That would be interesting to see! 🌍
Callum Burton
Hello from the uk
The Like Guy
Good to have you back, bro!
Zak_ Taylor123
Well done !
Robert Clarke
Never seen anyone spell Scotland wrong before.
Kenna Sonnenburg
Miss your uploads, especially roleplays
Welcome back! and happy b day! Very very relaxing as usual! 😌💙
The way you write the letter d is unique. I’ve never seen anybody write it like that. I like it it’s cool 👍
Always happy to see a new video, this was great :)
I love all your videos, Rasmus Always so relaxing — Thank you for helping people
cpt_ slothyboy
Thank the lord you uploaded.. been a month since the last one! I haven’t slept in a month!?!
Healing Energy From Japan
Oh yes!! I love this video! This is the ASMR video I was longing to watch! It's really good that you're whispering and drawing!✨✨✨ It's part 1,so can I expect the part2? 😃✨
Casper Jönsson
I almost forgot your channel Rasmus. This is great.
I hate living in England so much.
Miky S
nice !
Mim Key
I think my favorite part was like th ten seconds at the end where you ran your fingers over the paper! Lololol I loved it! Reminded me of the haircut roleplay you did a long time ago showing the hairstyles, loved that as well!
trying not to correct your spelling is hard 😂 draw a map of canada next!
Please do a countdown video next like 100 to 1! Thanks 😎
Sarah M
Just for help, Scotland only has one t :)
Your whispering is so relaxing and I was shook when I saw you posted it’s been such a long time glad you’re back!😴😴😴🌙
Sir Lion ASMR
17:00 Easter rising intensifies. This is such a great asmr vid, it's relaxing in a similar way to the poly bridge video I just love listening to whispered rambling and 26:03 - 26:31
Shannon ASMR
You’re too smart for your own good kid.
AngryTrees Painting Tips
Much respect from a fellow artist! I subbed!❤️
Alyssa Mullis
Missed the asmr but I’ve been keeping up with racer Rasmus lol
Mariah Rau
This was so relaxing 😌
erm... this is almost shot for shot similar to ASMrtica entire channel platform lol. Could shout him out at least?
Ernesto Romo Pérez
I give you 8 points out of 10 because the outline of the United Kingdom has some errors, but you did find out where its subnational divisions are and the capital of each of them.
Cookie Asmr’s Country! Nice Work Rasmussen, hopefully jacbo is proud
Isaac Keast
Awesome vid more map videos please!
Tyree Mason
Holy guacamole i thaught he was long gone. Butt what do u know.... And it was a good vid.. I actually got the tingles. 💯
Also wow, your English speaking skills have improved so much, I’m so impressed wow, happy for you. Keep it up!
Reese M
Is it "Scotchland" or "Scotland"
Michelle-Kyra Schmitt
Who was the person who disliked the video?
Social Gamer
My favorite young boss... I'm so hyped you uploaded. Thank you so much. You make the best videos. Very relaxing.. The audio is sooooooo soothing. 😊👌🔥🔥🔥
mr kifar
what a come back !!!
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