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Blanche Cybele Derby

Blanche Cybele Derby

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Edible Plants: Black nightshade

Edible Plants: Black nightshade

published :: 16/09/05
Black nightshade ('Solanum spp.") is a relative of tomato that has tasty edible black berries. It also has edible young leaves but I find them to be bitter so I ...
steve mann
I get a variety of thorny black nightshade, don't think it's safe to eat :(.... And it's not the variety you showed. Looks more like the black but with thorns.
Celia Morelli
Thank you for this valuable information.
Eduard Alan
Unbelievably good content and explanation. Thank you. I was wondering how to identify them easily in nature.
Giorgos Traik
Πολύ ωραίο βίντεο. Ευχαριστούμε !!!
Bushmaster called and said he wants his nightshade back
Of course... I've seen plenty of horse nettle and bittersweet nightshade, but not black nightshade yet in my area. Thanks for this awesome video. I love the blues song at the end also.
Frank Black
Wonder how many will die trying this. Great video. Reminds me of my mother.
John Taylor
How about wolfsbane
Lorenza Kashmek
I love to eat this plant. I'm from Guatemala and we the natives eat this a lot down there. I was soooo happy when I found it growing in my yard in Canada. I recognized it immediately. Your video is very informative. Thank you.
Anahí Crafting & more
I have some growing in my backyard ( las vega, Nv)
Black nightshade we call leunca😊
Johnny Tagavaitau
It is bitter, with a sweet after taste,my culture eat the leaves.It's a delicacy.The only thing I hate about it is the time consuming of plucking the leaves.
Great Vid, very informative, thx a lot
•_Saturn Angel_•
I’m not sure if I have found this but I squished it on my trampoline and it was purple on the inside and acted much like a regular acidic berry or fruit
Kingpin Gamer223
Do they make you hallucinate
Thanks for this video! I am in the North Carolina Piedmont and found a few of these plants. I think the berries are very tasty! This is the only place I was able to identify this plant.
mey lenonk
Here, in West Java Indonesia its called Leunca.
Galaxy Owl
Belladonna means pretty lady in italian
gurtaj singh
Black nightshade is very good to control bad cholesterol if u eat berries it can control cholesterol
Eva Adwonga
Thanks for the easy explanation
Tim Frey
I got some of these for free through the public library from a local seed conservatory, I'm eager to try growing them.
jeff dubuque
this stuff grows all over the place here in southwestern Ontario.
Eddie Johnson
I have a plant that fits all description, but the leaves are serrated. Same plant?
Moondance Iris
We threw so many of these on the compost this year. Now I am sad. My son told us they were Deadly Nightshade (belladonna).
Andi Benson
Great informative video. Nice to have the comparison to the dangerous varieties. We have just discovered the benefits of this tasty little weed ! Happy to let it grow.
sy mouacheupao
Black night shade can be eaten like spinach. you can boil or fried
james jones
I have this in my yard
Jimmy McKay
Hilt Tilt
How large can they get while still producing fruit? They love to grow under an Apple tree in a clearing in my woods.
Bangalore's HydroHome
We eat the leaves here in Indian villages. The bitter taste suits us . I personally like it very much. In fact, after watching this I'm craving for it..
Yuuki Sailors
You should write a book...♥️
Ray Crow
What if there are gangs who graft nightshade root stocks on peppers, tomatoes, and goji then give them to neighbors.
Barry Fennell
Your accent is occasionally pronounced and very pleasant.
raji vadi
It’s specially good for stomach ulcers.
Cooking destroys vitamin C, and cooking and freezing both destroy the life force. Dehydrating below 119°F preserves the life force and enzymes and preserves the most nutrition.
Smiley Jason
We have that in the Philippines.
phillip merritt
I really liked your 50th's video and the music you had with. New survival Bushcraft prepping but I really like your plants talk to. Gingdah 🚶💀
Anton Michael Swanepoel
In Afrikaans we call it 'Nastergal' - I will be making some jam this week!
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