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We Went To An ASMR Spa

We Went To An ASMR Spa

published :: 17/08/01
Credits: Check out more awesome videos at BuzzFeedBlue! ...
Ashleyn Serrano
Girl in the purple shirt: sexual thoughts People: “alright due, go trip over a knife”
I suck at everything
Wait this exists?
Ukraine Boy
I fell asleep from this video even though it’s not an ASMR video
Okay the guy is definitely gay
Lincoln Pinter
Paisa Vlogs
I would’ve been knocked tf out😂😂
Zoe D
Y’all is so mad
Mc Stuffer
People don’t understand that a lot of people can’t and don’t experience ASMR... if you listen to ASMR and can’t feel anything, you don’t have it. For us who do the best way to describe it is a tingle up/down your spine or really anywhere
Thats dope asf a asmr spa ☺😉😴😴😴
That purple shirt girl is everything wrong in this world.
BobbyJoe’s Diary
just pls stop it with the un needed theatrics and stop sexualizing asmr, just pls actually give it a chance, it’s not poison, although the whisper lodge place sorta does give off a weird vibe when they showed up in all white and made them sign contracts
Tom C
Hello Jackie you look nice
Bruh, did this girl say “mind fu*k”. What the HELL
Don’t Sub
The purple short girl is one of those girl that are really annoying and rude and obnoxious and she has a really punchable face and like u wanna hater for no reason😂
thiqq boi
This is straight up just set up in someones appartment
Please Dont play this "soft" music next time
Elin Svensson
This was just embarrassing. If you make ASMR into something sexual when its not, you kinda have issues
5:14 wait girlfriend?
spud meow
I love how in the captions they wrote purple shirt for the blonde girl and the real name for the other girl 😂😂😂
Why everybody at buzzfeed gay
Sean Brown
imagine if they had really bad breath
that blonde girl was kinda annoying.
I cant sleep unless I listen to asmr. Specifically unknown tingles asmr and spring asmr.
Aren't that just 3 random guys who invite people in their house and make some sounds
Einar Logi
At 1:35 shake your phone (you have to be full screen)
thought this was an asmr video but they keep talking
I want to punch that girl in the purple shirt smh 🤦‍♀️😡 her saying it’s naughty makes me so irritated. If you don’t know what asmr is stop assuming it’s sexual when it’s not omg. St-
Some random Nintendo Switch Gamer
It’s not sexual, kids are aloud there.
апокрифическая любовь
This video is so disrespectful I searched up whisper lodge this is the fourth thing that came up I just wanted to save that I searched up whisper lodge this is the fourth thing that came up I just wanted to say that
ArtGirl ASMR
To the girl in the purple shirt: SOMETHING YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND does NOT = sexual
ASMR ButtonsTheHamster
I feel like the camera person would have had a hard time not falling asleep
memes for life
The guy in the white looked like Ted bundy
Honeyplay aka
The purple shirt girl is so disrespechful
their so rude that would be a nice experience
Mr Yeet
I fucking hate the purple shirt girl
Yeti 7117
Brain Orgasm. Asmr is not a brain orgasm but a series of tingles that makes the brain feel like it’s having sex.
الي لابسه بنفسجي هذي يبغالها كف
bluebearmuffin cakes
This is why everyone hates fucking buzzfeed
Jack Apfel
Purple shirt girl ich HATE YOU!
1 122
"Mindfuck" hahahaha😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂👍
Naomi King
I hate buzz feed but i like asmr so imma give this video a chance Edit: 59 seconds in... nvm they didnt even do research on what asmr is Next time get professional people to do this
Somecampcampjunkie Thatlikesotherthings
If I did this I’d sleep then be like damnit I missed the whole experience
The girl in the purple is actually annoying asf.
They think it's cool to overreact and say it's not relaxing even tho it is
Gacha _lacie
Do they not want u to see were there at?
Armani Roman
99% of the comments: OMG IM SO MAD THAT THE GIRL TOUGHT IT WAS SEXUAL AND A FETISH. 1% of the comments: I NeEd To Go To ThAt PlAcE RiGhT NoW
6:13 dude if police saw that they were sooo arrested xD
a random Person
ASMR IS NOT SEXUAL. I hate the blonde she’s so obnoxious, like if your going to be so annoying don’t goddamn go. It’s not meant to be ogasmic, or sexual. Educate yourself
This looks like a cult of you turn off the volume lol
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