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Typing Demo XL - MEI switches (Datalux Space Saver) (ASMR)

Typing Demo XL - MEI switches (Datalux Space Saver) (ASMR)

published :: 19/12/03
To whomever requested this; well, gee, thanks :| . This keyboard sucks ass through a straw and its switches are solidified puke. Bleh! Hope you enjoy the video ...
Amit Bashan
Imagine you getting kidnapped and instead of a hammer to torture you the guy whips out a Datalux Space Saver with MEI switches. Horrible. (more than the hammer)
Richard Smith
MEI, aren't these the switches with rubber bands?
oh hell yea
Jonathan Patten
M u s h y .
It's sort of weird. That keyboard looks like it should be a prop in the original star trek program or in one of those dreadful and fun made for TV science fiction shows of the 70s. It'd *look* great like that....but typing on it....
ALPS to MEI conversion: Take a Simplified ALPS switch and open it, now shove 12 condoms inside. Piss on it, light it afire. Ta da! MEI heaven.
Fawzan Fawzi
No way that you're wearing a Terraria tree shirt
Ginger bread
You should put together a comp of all your typing demos to date, I would come back for that daily.
sounds like gelatin
Minecraft Shirt
tompramana account
I can't believe this is not anti-ASMR
Sarahkuai Zero
Akarawat Uraisin
Maybe all clicky switch typing demo?
Taylor Jackman
Sounds like 3 drunk aunts taking turns slapping a turd on a homeless man. Absolutely awful, but it looks really cool.
That's certainly a whacky layout, something kinda perverse about it..
Will you be trying out the new Wooting keyboard with the "Lekker" switches? It looks intresting...
beautiful, but wrong.
Mad Dog
Uhm, no.
I like this design of keyboard it keeps ergonomics but has all the keys of a normal keyboard
Mystic Dan
Good God, like fingernails on chalkboard, or porcelain against rough concrete... Makes my skin crawl.
Good morning
soda drink
how is this considered asmr i thought i clicked on anti-asmr!!111
Robert Schöni VSL
I think this keyboard doesn’t need a Kensington locking hole. Otherwise it would be an ironic joke 😓😬 Maybe this is the look of efficiency ? But looking at it twice, I’m thinking of putting guacamole and grated cheese on it 😳
Im so sorry. Typing from a lubed Apple M0110A
i love the ps2 to usb to usb to usb setup youve got goin on
Nicolas Reed
Dude what the fuck kinda definition you using for ASMR
Just an Egg
i physically shuddered.
Matt Crowley
You didn’t wanna have to type on that thing again, huh? I can understand the Corona Smith leaf springs will be more of a nightmare than that.
JoleeBro XT
Did your fingers hurt?
*internal Screaming*
I can feel the mushiness in my bones
Pavel Shlyapnikov
Это пиздец
Pixelated Mushroom
it's shaped like a parabola
Mayank Sharma
I didn’t think you would go ahead and do it! Makes me feel bad for requesting the TDXL in the first place. Have to say though, not the worst sounding keyboard out there.
Isaac Worley
Is that enter key super tall or is that just me?
It sounds like it’d be horrible to type on.
Sounds kind of satisfying, like toys made out of expensive plastic crashing into each other.
Raul Saavedra
One for the team :)
Jack Hart
At least it sounds pretty nice, so there's that. Edit: Except the stabilisers. XD
Looking at the incline makes my hands hurt. Btw mechanical keyboard masterrace, I got my first mech (it's 30 dollars because I spent most budget on PC) and it's epicx (redragon k552 so cheap lol)
Benjamin Smithynunta
nice video bro you amazing i keep forget you only had 50k subs i thought you had 500k subs
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