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[ASMR] Dr Cranial Nerve Examination

[ASMR] Dr Cranial Nerve Examination

published :: 17/07/04
Welcome to your ASMR Cranial Nerve Examination Dr Whispers Roleplay With Ear to Ear Sounds Today we'll be testing those essential nerves that are ...
SEH Music
Thank you for making a more traditional role play video 🙏 I find these formal ones more tingly & comforting. Really interesting content too!!😄
this came into my life at just the right time I sensed very very very good energy and I know exactly where you are coming from!
awww, i actually went and got a notepad and wrote down my answers and added up my score at the end... i thought you would go over the score ranges!
soggy chip
I told the doctor I'm scared of chickens and take medication for it and I was diagnosed with anxiety. Wow this doctor is great
Wesley Davis
Doctor... your lenses are missing from your glasses again...
Felipe Serrano
Do you hace Tingles acount?
Lovely but a shame the writing isn’t amplified!
Te amo
Walker Roberts
When I took my test I got campaigner
Mitch Graul
So classy... I always find your videos enjoyable.
Why It’s Hated
I just feel so relaxed even with your voice it’s amazing!
Lauren Lerew
Where did you get those glasses? I love them.
Samudra Samarakoon
Whatever I love your accent..🤩
Ray Stewart
Biscuits Lucy...Biscuits...not cookies
Johnny Brown
Very interesting subject doctor... it's a pity I fell asleep in the middle of the hole thing 😉
Captain Comeshot
Chokes words a little too much for me
Where is your lipstick from lovely? 🥰
I'm jealous of how many glasses frames you have.
imagine if she wore BLUE glasses
chumley warner
Take your own personality test and the results would be - Nada, Zip Absolutely Nothing!
OhCaauuuuuyyy x97 Jk this video is stellar
Brock P
Rise up my beautiful ENTJ friends
maia pickup
10 10 5 10 5 1 5 5 1 5 1 10 10 3 5 5 3 10 1 8 10 10 5 10 3 1 5 5 8 8 10 10 10 10 10 5 1 10 5 hhhu
Phillip Hallahan
Please do more of these I absolutely Love your voice and it’s soooo relaxing! And you’re really pretty too❤️
Артем Самсонов
Wow, your eyes so beautiful
Clark Kent 499
This girl is intoxicating...looking at her and when she speaks, I don't even know my own name....
Deijha Hill
Ayyyy, I love Myers-Briggs! I'm virtuoso/architect. Whoop whoop!
A small Penguin
Did anyone else notice that her glasses don't have lenses
ASMR Mango
I ended up listening to the whole video without sleeping because its sound interesting... very nice voice too
grand_warden 98
Is it hot in here or is it just her
Wait, are there no lenses in those eye glasses??? lolol
I love myers briggs personality test/types. I'm ISFP (Artist) and I can relate to that type very well
I love your glasses, they give you a sexy librarian look.
Darrian Weathington
I heard the phrase "Happy little trees" and i went to sleep. what happened?
Daniel Herrera
I loved this video but got tingles the most at the questionary. Is there any way you make a longer questionary? or an only-questions-video. Many thanks
Have you taken acting classes? You're very good at this. There are certain very clever nuances that make the difference.
Johnny NutShot ASMR
I couldn't keep my eyes open while watching this video.
Very professional. Personally, as a Myers-Briggs specialist, I applaud you for executing this roleplay very accurately!
Jake Caratacus
Gotta love those glasses that clearly have no lenses in them. And if they do have lenses in them, damn but you're amazing at cleaning glass.
Mindy McDaniel
Great relaxing video. And your hair looks extra beautiful!
Oh kay.... I'm sorry miss, my name's Jack!
I love myers briggs personality test/types. I'm ISFP (Artist or Adventurer) and I can relate to that type very well
Mole Shaman
INFP here :)
Oj Thedon
Car Audio Inc
you're so talented! how did you do this all in one take? amazing, loved it.
Jayme Barter
ENFP (Campaigner) what up ✨
Turns out I don't have one. Time to start microbrewing.
Alessio Proietti
You're great
Stefan Pachmayr
Thank you for the relaxing time.
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