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Dreamcatchers ASMR

Dreamcatchers ASMR

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ASMR Intense Mouth Sounds & Ear Licking / Eating

ASMR Intense Mouth Sounds & Ear Licking / Eating

published :: 19/05/15
Welcome to my first ASMR video for Youtube! Find me livestreaming ASMR on Twitch here: Mostly No Talking except ...
髪の色はブロンドでは無くシルバーブロンドなのかな❔ まぁ何方でも良いかな❔ 美女のお姉さ〜ん❕ 俺のお耳もペロペロして下さ〜い(╹◡╹)
Unicorn Glitterpou
The Video is Very nice 👍🏼
Kourtneay HARRIS
👌👍👍👍 really good I got so many tingles on my back and legs ❤❤ thanks for hearting and replying to my comment😊
yonix :3
Dreamcatchers ASMR
I recently started a Patreon! Some awesome rewards and your support helps to keep me doing what I love! ✨
Gaming gamerlol
Not enough people understand why loopability is important.
Bullseye Retical Gaming
8 days till school starts
Eternal Autarchy
In general terms, when you exhale gently at the microphone it provides a sort of, personal touch, feels more realistic per se. Also cupping the ear with the mouth helps amplify the sound due to parabolic properties.
Angeles Moctezuma
Gracias corazón RELAX 😴💖
Devon Daily
Please, more 😉
Stranger._. things_ Fan
Can you stop breathing into the microphone no hate tho it’s just I don’t like when you breathe in he microphone
Gacha Songs
Who is the one who normally does it
Taochi Achi are really an expert..👍👍👍
Audm Liu
Nice! I love it 🥰
Gacha Favor
I liked and subbed best asmr ever
Pablo Kabaliere
Nice , it's effective 👌👍
Chris Aeronn Rue
Who is the the real dreamcatcher Wait nvm there is two vids in the same vid but nice edit tho
Mevin Veerapen
love 🌹
Maximus Decidimos
Ethan Likey
This isn’t a twin but I loved it
why me
First time watching you and the mouth sounds are *_a•maz•ing_* periodt
•Its Sofi• Nicole
Is really good I love so much
I love it!
piru love
Marco vice
Ich will dein geschmack auf mein Zunge haben
danny flores
I love you so much
I love it!😋
xy zhou
oh that's good
Hector Ruiz
Phenomenal video
Hope Wolf413
12:55-13:05 😍😍😍😍😍 that gave me tingles!!
Ben Jr
1st time on ur channel.. Im kinda like this 👍💗💋
Maximus Decidimos
I found it amazing ... expended
korie mesa
the best tingles ive had in a long time tbh
Blu_ Strafe
Grimlow _
Video felt like it was a hour long do more 😱
Hagane no Freecss
Love u, love your asmr 😴❤
jordan chaske
To be honest with you that I did got Alittle turned on
Eduardo Méndez
Literalmente le hizo el amor a mi oreja jajajaja
amanda mcgee
Best amsr I ever heard
Андрей Инкогнито
You're adorable.
Bubbles ASMR
I need this on tingles app
TrDub Zuni
Brain:lets what this Me:no Brain: give it a chance Me: fine Brain:wtf
That blowing was super intense for me! Deff subbing :)
ákos marczi
Wow your best asmr youtuber
Søren Peter Wolf Hansen
You dont have a twin it’s you on both sides look at the mick
Erik Gripping
I'm glad you started uploading again. I really enjoy your videos.
Hestia V
so relaxing
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