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Ecuador Live

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Having a spiritual cleansing with a traditional healer in Ecuador for ASMR

Having a spiritual cleansing with a traditional healer in Ecuador for ASMR

published :: 19/03/15
I hope you find this spiritual cleansing relaxing and a good source of ASMR! Having an energy cleaning to alleviate stress and cure the evil eye is an ancient ...
e xoxo
I have a question.. do the ladys tell them how to wear their hair like to have it let down or tied up before they start? Bc sometimes when i see their hair all in the way it gets me uncomfortable for them😭😭
Dany Danish
i like her energy...her focus and control on what she is doing..and she is attractive lady.
Jim Beau
I’d like to spit on her face too geez
Dann Andersen
Everything’s in this vid was great , I saw it many times and then when finish the patient watched something that I know what’s she saw lol part of Esperanza back , so funny . She look at the cameraman like you saw all the times lol ...😂
Hoover Campoverde
Se ve que la paciente está muy tensa. Estoy seguro que la "limpia" y el masaje la haya relajado.
Marcie Un
The sound of the latex gloves 👍👍
Wish i had known about this when I visited Cuenca last year 😢❤
Zoom Coleman
@ecudor bring her back
Andre Kush
They pretty especially the one in purple
Molly moo
Sometimes I forget people like hard massages
D'Anna Pope
It amazes as terrifies me how ppl pop necks
Mériane Mdeiros
Massageia de luva X Gospe na cara Kkkkkk 😂
Daily Skepticism
Msg star 4:40
Matthew Tatham
What is in the bottle of oil that they are smelling? Peppers?
what plants is she holding?
Maurice Patterson
Sometimes the model don't look relax. Or maybe that's just her facial expressions.
It's ya girl Lindsey
Loooove this! Great attention to the back 😍
La que recibe el masaje está buenísima
Model’s IG would be much appreciated :D
Fakhrull Aliff
b N
This is the fifth time i watch this video cn u please do like this again the girl who gave msg i really like the way she did her job
Grian Ggrian
This is the only channel where u can get tingles from watching the videos. Thank you! Great video as alsways!
Chris López
¿Porqué se puso guantes?
I can do without the spitting. They should use a spray bottle.
Raafat hamza
What a sexy body
Espero que Doña Esperanza haga nuevo vídeo con los guantes, me encanta el sonido cuando los usa.
No one : Me: touching the ass of my gf 2:20
Erika Pérez
Estaría excelente qué hablará más la señora qué hace el masaje, su voz me relaja demasiado.
Lisa Maguire
She’s the best one yet. Very thorough
maya george
Beautiful. Makes me want to leave for Equador now.
Ecuador Live
🤔 Which is most important... video quality, audio quality, or content?
Lisa Maguire
Why does she use gloves in some videos and not others?
Felix Truvere
She should continue her incredibly relaxing “shhhshhshh” sounds throughout the massage too. I literally melt with just her sounds.
Deadteam Jako
5:43 I wish Dõna would do that to me! 💜
Look I know this is supposed to be a spiritual practice and yes the ASMR can be quite active watching this.....but the way she’s hitting those tits with the bouquet, well I don’t have to tell you what energizes my spirit more Lmao
Me Back To Me
Mouth spitting & using same tools for each customer transfer Diseases..................... but I love this cleansing 💛 Thanks
Joe Tequila 2017
My sister is presently attending an "on line" limpia school. She failed her "Bush Whack 101" course when she used Poison Ivy instead of aromatic leafs.
Marcelo Silva
Caramba da vontade até de dormi
NIjole Gintas
Dona Esperanza is best in Cuenca
I was all relaxed when suddenly at 8:11, thought that Doña Esperanza's hand looks like a frog's hand with the globe like that, and started laughing lol
Lisa Maguire
I need this woman to move in with me
Kat Gaby
Damnit i just left ecuador a couple weeks ago lmao
Gummy Worm
The music at the end always makes me so damn happy. I miss Ecuador 🇪🇨 ❤️
Jeff Boice
MILF Alert!
D.I.X Official
Haris Masood
loved the spray and glove sounds.. the hair massage was great
forklift 86
Interesting clip and great massage. Would you consider shampooing this model for soapy foamy sounds 😎
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