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ASMR Heavenly Scalp Scratching (Binaural Mic Scratching) ~

ASMR Heavenly Scalp Scratching (Binaural Mic Scratching) ~

published :: 18/09/20
i recorded this the other day at like 5am i look so tired im so sorry haha and that storm CAME OUTTA NOWHERE i have a blooper of it scary the crapoodle outta ...
Annisa fadiyah
Your liptsik 🤧
VI- zaeth-x
Good asmr
Ayano Aishi
I would say something important but I'm pretty much asleep. 😴
evan shubabby
It looked like she was going to eat the ear at one point
Logan’s Hockey vids
Do you guys think 12 is to young for asmr
Agustin Gomez
6:05 - 6:16 😍
Sophia Aufdermauer
Lyla Pizza
Me: Turns volume all the way up Also me: Goes to another tab Video: Ad Ears: Dead
Gaming Lolipop
This is so fuckin infuriating
i don’t think i’ll ever relate to those comments about auto play all of mine after this are asmr or kalimba videos...
slime gardiner
What the f* was this at 10:45 🤢😑
8:51 is the best part 💤💕
Agustin Gomez
For me, the best moments of the video, is when she does this: 6:20...6:23
Leikookie & sa poule
Isa Lavoisier
8:08 9:55 10:35
Cassie Hester
I was gonna comment something like “she’s good with her teeth her boyfriend must be mad” but then I started to self doubt and hate myself
Steven Strawn
I'm single btw
Sarah Toomzley..
God it just gets worse
Miss Cadillac
Du bist einfach nicht ganz dicht oder?
G Baldwin
Trigger words
Sophia Aufdermauer
GiaPlayzxxX Cordonnier
This is disgusting and stop doing these videos there as well disgusting and just biting on a microphone can u see your not supposed to do that with a mic? So u better stop it’s just disturbing
quill’s mixtape
random timestamps time!! 11:29 5:25 7:46 10:52 6:41
Me: plugs in headphones Also me: gets comfortable under my blanket Also me AGAIN: checks time Time: almost 1 am Me: turns up volume and plays vid My F(_)ckin phone: *LISTEN* ThE SoAp YoU ShOwEr WiTh..... ItS sH%T
G Baldwin
Putting on lipgloss
jesus christ
Okay but like your hair would look so cute shoulder length and I’ve watched this video over 500 times and think this every time 0:20
Hamsteriffic Hamsters
Ant *THIS* my friends is why we don't buy second-hand ASMR mics.
Katherine Luo
This is why you DO NOT buy 2nd-hand microphones...
Annisa fadiyah
Dat's no gut or Dat 's so gut ????
What about front sleepers??
sunflower standup
14:11 - 14:31 really soft kisses💗
Abigail Cormier
when it said ear noms it should only be ear noms
Gaven Wilson
Nibble my ears my ears taste like 💩
Gaven Wilson
You are cute
Hector estevan Corozo pachito
i wonder what mic tastes like...
Jadelyn Shepherd
I would like ear eating to be paired with squishing stuff as in slime or foam or something like that love yA bai
Ibrach The best Asmr Ear Eating
14:58 the best tigger
Abdullrahman Alyahya
I say unintelligible whispering
Leilah Lemalu-Sagiao
bianca dollish
13:18 wow so tingly
Annisa fadiyah
Your ekting sok gut
Amelia Thomas
Can you you do 2 vids for each like one ear in one vid and yea you get it because I’m deaf in my right ear
02.34 am :(
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