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How to Murder a Cantaloupe into balls | gradualreport | ASMR warning

How to Murder a Cantaloupe into balls | gradualreport | ASMR warning

published :: 20/03/20
The cantaloupe didn't stand a chance. I was out for blood. ASMR Full on. To make people smile and laugh while telling them about the things that happen to me ...
Mlg Pro
That was the most morbid and at the same time funny thing ever.
Hearing the cantaloupe talk back was funny but for so reason, hearing what he was saying sounded a bit sad. You should plant the seeds nest time, do a little kitchen garden.
Jess M
"Its gotten dark mama" 😂💀
Jacob Sawyer
I left this channel for 8 years what the fuck did i come back to
Corona isolation taking it's toll?
Captain Basketcase86
Haha i love this video and your accent at the end there. I wanna get a melon now so i can do that same thing. I do have dragon fruit... will that work the same way if i use a melon baller?
Charlie Paraskos
That was an odd mix of hilarious and harrowing.
Reverend Mojo
Danny's neighbors (listening in horror Every day) ... Danny "Oh yea scoopular ball-ulars! Get in my mouth you tasty little lemondrops! Isopropa alkaho! Toilet paper shame,my god woman! (Sexy SEXERFACE mouth full of grapes sounds)
It ain’t easy being Meezy
I watched this with headphones and it was awful
Leah de Silva
Oh man, this gives me the same vibes as your old pumpkin carving video. It's gross and yucky in there. And it was just a matter of time before you cut a face into it. Feels good to be home.
Danny thank you I've been murdering fruit all wrong I still kill them like your kissing video where you savagely bite into it
hilarious. thank you for this
John Olivera
Its like One by Metallica all over again....
Luis Arano
this video kill
Not gonna lie, this was super disturbing, hilarious but super disturbing... only you can do that Danny man, I’m sure of it! XD bravo!
Dusan Kostic
Not the youtuber we wanted, but the youtuber we needed.
Did you really just pour food into the sink?
Danny Danny
This is the type of content I'd sell my body for
Helen Asanovic
Sam Bechara
I really don't recommend watching this while high. Took me a lot of time to realize these voice were actually in the video
Natalie Gibbons
Disturbingly delicious!
*unzips pants
Daniel Nikolic
“...I had a wife and kids you son of a bitch..” odlićno brate!🇷🇸😂👍
BlameSociety Films made a similar vid back in 2006 but it was more pumpkin murder and less melon genocide check it out if you'd like, it's funny and artsy:
Always Jiji
Jordan Andersen
Holy hell. "I had a wife and kids, you sonuvabitch!" Lol
Toby Hibner
*Mwuah* ~LeMòn Drop
Hahah xD the death thoughts in the background when you was scooping the innards out xD
“Damnit, who’s he killing this time?!”
Holden Ruppert
Lmaoo but the real question. How do you jelly yo sandwich
kitty Marshmellow
My thoughts exactly😅
Danger Gibson
Who's talking?
Miss Kay
Fuckin hilarious
Smile was brought to my face 😊
Raine OShae
this is lewd..
Erik Kupculik
Title : "Murder" "Youtube didn´t like that"
Elizabeth Passow
You’re fucked up in the head man. I love it! 😂
pezboy 20
Danny why do your videos always come back to fruit???
It doesn't matter who we are, what matters is our plan.
So, that's how they become balls. I was just taught to cut large wedges and then cubes.
If we, the people, are lemon drops. Then what is Danny?
Jake Tandurella
You are a god
1972treA Mrs Robertson
This may be TMI ... parts of this video made me feel dirty.
Alon S
The death thoughts were actually terrifying. Love it.
Mladen Vidic Chickens have nine lives. Danny has time to kill a rock melon. Tomorrow , sill a big population around the world and the show ain't over until the fat man fucks.
I have the weirdest erection
beyda cm
Vegans gonna get you :)
Red Ace
My God he did it! He REALLY DID IT!
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