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Matt Stonie

Matt Stonie

online since :: 12/08/24
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50 Scrambled Egg Challenge

50 Scrambled Egg Challenge

published :: 17/10/27
Exclusively at: - New members get their 1st month of the Dollar Shave Club Starter Set including the Executive Razor ...
Charlotte Saac
This is very dangerous for him..
Caden Huey
0:04 Megalovania?
Ryan Radowicz
Sooooooo over cooked!!!!
adam Waters
Bro what about $35 Kim chi bowls
jerry Smith
Why are those eggs so whiteb
SN - 09GB - The Woodlands SS (2372)
I bet he is still hungry
Adrian Gonzalez
You definitely will get a heart attack for eating all that eggs
Game Boy17
Howtobasic be like
konstantina papa
I'm not hungry. I will make some scrambled eggs
Bex Br
Dam thats breakfast
something is wrong
If eaten by hands it would be more fast to eat
sasuke dad
dude you over cooked the eggs
if he used spoon at the start he'll be much faster
Julian Rios
Regular lunch for me lol
oops mybad
Eggs : *exists* Matt : PEACE WAS NEVERR AN OPTION!!!
*he is howtobasic*
Erdem Pişkin
Nusr-et reis baya değişmiş ya 4:37
Angus Moad
No toast
reviewfor thetube
They look amazing no joke good shit
Youd Like to know
Thers more shell in that bowl than there is in every field in vietman. Its a bad day when you cant crack an egg.
Irma Munoz
Lisa Carmen
Your gonna have some bad egg farts
db 23
Don't like
Was this a idea of how to basic
Devasta The Seeker
Daamn those eggs look horrid. How the hell do you guys have pure white eggs?
Cook With Hubby
Ooo shit. Tracy
Game Adventurer Frost
Matt! Pls if u r doing scramble egg challenge again. U gotta invite me! I love scramble egg way too much! I will challenge u to see who finish it first XD
Jefri Paz
adam Waters
Roger Rabbit
If they were pickled eggs I might have a crack 😁 I don't understand people who put milk in scrambled egg it's not a f*@#ing omelette
αɳเε ҡαɾσl
New record
Matt stonie is secretly How To Basic
Lászlo Magyar
How many eggs can you eat in 1minute
*50 overcooked eggs, even more impressive
yashas manjunath
How to basic wants to know your location 😂😂
Haley Barton
Nobody hates Matt Stonie like Matt Stonie hates Matt Stonie.
Fazeloco gg
How is this guy not fat🤣🤣
kolya kyrgyz
i love your vids buddy
Is it me or did those eggs not look like scrambled eggs, they just look like egg blocks
Yahn Cabajeiro
5:50 would've been possible if he used the larger spoon in the first place. The fork doesn't hold the eggs in place.
Infamous K
The egg at :15 have a smiley face 🙂 lol
Tyler Jones
I think I could eat like 25. I eat normally 7 and I’m not even entirely full. Ketchup + slightly soft scrambled eggs are amazing.
Braian Allende
3:29 F 😥
Jazib Azam
Plot Twist : His water is not real water, it is diet water.
Only Matt can make a spatula look like spoon
Nav Lidder
His shits must be massive
Ilmer Productions
Did you shave your ball sack too
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