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ASMR ♡ hand movements and trigger words + rambling

ASMR ♡ hand movements and trigger words + rambling

published :: 20/03/23
OPEN FOR INFORMATION! ♡ My amazon wishlist : ♡ Main Instagram: lildaisyheart ♡ Private ...
xXx V
awesome video keep up the great content
Y las piernas apa??
listen with headphones!
Fermin Burciaga
I must say I haven't been aware of this ASMR stuff but I could honestly relax so much to this! Just the hand movements and very soft voice with good commentary.... I felt so relaxed! Fantastic job Mish! Nothing positive feedback from me! 👍🤟🤗
Armando Alfaro
Assassin you're putting me to sleep
Steve Hernandez
How much for that microphone and its stand? 😊
Basilio Antonio Piavka
😄😄😄😄😆😆👋Hii Mich . Querias himnotisarnos 😄😄😉mobiendo las manos para aserno dormir y tu vos como si ablaras al oido 😨lo que ordeneeesss aare tuuu vooluunnntad😁😁😂😆😆Besos 💋💋Divina💞💞💕💕💓💓
orestii 11
This is what i expected from you! Tank youu Mish, You are GEORGEOUS.. 🤗
Ann Ahl
Yaaayyyy! ASMR video!
ademilson mendes
Vandir José de Deus
Hi How are you 😍♥️♥️🌺🌺🌺🌺
sav schofield
love your videos so so much 😌💖
super relaxing, thanks mish 🤍
Chris Marie
Hello mish ,guess what, I. Love this.bubba
Jillian Dietrich
also maybe more reassuring asmr? like when u said "everything will be fine, you're okay"
I am hypnotized and in love 😍🦻
anthony dauphin
I cant hear you LOL
James Ryan
Do me more...
Robert Sturgeon
Good video and thank you for putting a smile on everyone face b😀
Daniyal Kh
God save you crona viruse love you
Bernardino Boca negra
Hola, excelente video wapa, lindas minifalda por sierto y muy buenas piernas
Tech Tech
Great video💆‍♂️😳😏
Sean Wilson
normally people say they wear their heart on their sleeve. but miss Mish, you take that phrase to a whole new level. i applaud thee. >;-)
awesome video it was really entertaining
Islem Benzegouta
I really wish ASMR worked on me - I could do with something to help me relax and sleep right now, but unfortunately it doesn't. It was still nice seeing you again though. Take care in these strange times we're living in.
Thank you so much for this 💙
i love ur asmr videos 🥺 i’ve been feeling so anxious & it rly made me calm down thank u!
Baker Man
Beautiful vid !!!! You are very good with asmr,,, You have a fascinating voice and Your whispers??? OMG !!! very relaxing!!! Brushing hair and whispers ??? MAJOR OMG... MLPO 🌹❤😎
Jillian Dietrich
next maybe makeup asmr or a new room tour in asmr :0
juan maiz
sos re bonita
Jillian Dietrich
mishie i'm so glad u did another asmr video i love them from u , u always give me tingles
Jess Oliver
Beautifully done, you do have a perfect voice and accent for this, thank you ❤️
Nomstop Uribe
لجين فؤاد عبدالله
moha amlou
Love you 😍
Marty McFly II
is Sam
Daniel Mcallister
Mishhh ❤
antonio guerino
Ola boa noite
Matty Green
can you please make an asmr with really light and slow tapping, sounds kinda like rain its so relaxing. also tape, like pulling it of something like a table or whatever
Germ Da 5'8
Big ASMR fan Thanks mish
anthony dauphin
I hope you dont have covid 19
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