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Nana Eats

Nana Eats

online since :: 18/10/02
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ASMR Duck Larb | ลาบเป็ด | Eating Sounds | Light Whispers | Nana Eats

ASMR Duck Larb | ลาบเป็ด | Eating Sounds | Light Whispers | Nana Eats

published :: 18/12/13
Veggies & Spicy Duck Larb (left to right): - Cilantro - Cucumbers - Long Bean - Carrot - Hot Spicy Chili - Thai Eggplant - Winged Bean - Thai Basil - Mint Leaves ...
noushibaa lanker
Why are you eating seagrapes only..there are other things in plate also
Mahiya Mim
You're two daughter live Canada my dear Nana ????
Oh mah god nana is so cutee😆😆 Ik im very weird but I just had to admit it
Too much static :(
Димон Вахимов
이다 Ida ASMR
wow!! There are many interesting green food !!😍😍
ur mom gay
Hi, i’m here after watching sas- asmr! ^^
Momokamei123 Momokamei123
Now with that lipstick u look cool #nana😍
It's Tina
Yay something new keep up the great work nana bless you 🤗 😘 ♥ 💖 ☺️ 🤗 😘
Seeing her eat I can hear my dad in the back of my mind saying "This is how young Lao girls are suppose to eat. Neat." I proceed to stuff my face. "This is how I eat." 😂😂 Note: I know she is Thai.
Vengeful Enzosol
I crave this green objects
Lacey Talaska
This is so cool, love you nana♥️
Emily Coburn
Nana you an inspiration to me I'm starting my channel and I hope I'm as good as you I love you.... I changed my name from Darin to tosh EAT'S..... As ALWAYS From my family to yours... Love ya... THE FOY CLAN ❣️ ❣️❣️❣️
Lauren Oconnell
Nana Eats i love that you wear the same colour as the foods your eating... love from uk❤
Haiii ❤️ person scrolling though the comments ! I hope you have a good day/night,and remember you are loved❤️ Btw love you nana❤️
Divya chakma
Nana plz eat different things.. Dnt eat one thing for so long... It looks very boring 🙂
ปานใจ อุปทอง
Jodie Edwards
When the doctor says you need to eat more greens 😂
Лика Кика
Mariana P
Wow your improving day by day... your videos are amazing, keep it up😸
srey ra Pp
i loved u pretty gril
Sumi Suman
Hellow's really Churchy....verry beautyfull 4m india
Alexis Zacharyga
you are so cute, you remind me of my thai grandma and i just feel so happy watching your videos
Piglet Slimey
its sooooo satisfying!
Jessica Jaee Mendez
Blue Eyes
NaNa Nice
Corinne Louise
Nana I love that lipstick on you! It looks amazing.
Archita Mukherjee
I love you really look yummmy
Seriously, Nana. You look good in every colour 😍💚
Marge S.
Nana do you have a new mic? Cause the sound got better 😃💞
Jasmine Smith
Hello Nana Enjoy All Things Green Oh Wow I Would love to eat what you're Eating Nana I love you Nana and Thank you for another awesome video and have a Blessed day Today 🙂
Trà My
Love you
coconuts squadx
Pranisa Jitkongkan
สีเล็บสีปาก งามคักค่ะ
AJ Shelegey
You look so cute in your videos and you and the food look beautiful keep up the awesome videos
I enjoy how peaceful you look eating!
Saidi khithie official channel
Hello. Put ur lipstick colour the same what u eat. From India. Love it ur chanel
Anicar Rodriguez
Loved the video! Thank you for sharing! Once again you look Beautiful Nana! God Bless You and your family
Audrina Reza
That's my favorite color
Christian Barjon
I’m a child I don’t find healthy stuff appetizing you make me want to eat them🤣
Lady Rose
I love all the green you eats 💕💕💕
Sandra Lee
Hi Nana Eats, Where in Bangkok can i buy Khanom Chan? I am going in december and want to try it! Please let me know :) love your videos!
HQ Girl
Wow nana. It really looks delicious
Anish 2007
Your channel is great amazing presentation
Triết Lý Nhân Duyên
Shelly Royea
You are a beautiful lady with beautiful graceful hands. Such a joy to watch. Your girls are blessed to have you. Love your videos thank you for sharing. Congratulations on 100K!💖♥️
Mariel Magugat
Nana really loves sea grapes
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