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3D ASMR - Freakshow Roleplay (from AHS Freakshow)

3D ASMR - Freakshow Roleplay (from AHS Freakshow)

published :: 14/11/04
Come one, come all! Please don't forget to like this video as it helps me a lot. :3 Instagram: Personal channel: ...
Daynah Jacobs
Its supposed to be woof woof
Kawaii Melon
Woof woof πŸ•
Handsome Femme
Moaaaaar AHS pls xDD
Woof woof
Miss Otaku
woof woof
Freak show was the best!!! ^O^
Selina Amargo
I love this!! American horror story is awesome i love coven and freak show!!
The Real EmmyJ
oooh do a hotel role play! you could do James p. March that would be awesome !
beach goon
You should totally do more of these AHS ASMRs! By the way, "woof woof" ^_*
my mom saw me watching the first part of this and was like "why are u watching a grown man trying to be a dalmatian blind you with a mini flashlight while he's humming...?" I STARTED LAUGHING SO HARD I HAD TEARS
Rose Aydin
foow foow
Artemis Jayy
Woof woof
I hope this will become a series.. like, ASMR vids around the theme(s) of AHS seasons. Dare I hope? :)
Jessica 203
Woof Woof
Anna Stephens
Woof woof
Aldyn Beano
woof woof
Nick Kurtz
PLEASE do more of these with AHS. You are fantastic doing these that I actually react to them like I was there. Even though I just found you today, your amazing!
Well Ahs is like THE BEST SHOW IN DA WORLD ( after Supernatural)
Fareena Besitos
Woof woof 🐢 *pants*
Woof woof
woof woof
Nerd - Bookworm
You should role play as Tate. I guarantee so many people would love it πŸ˜„β€οΈπŸ˜Šβ€οΈ
shish shosh
too look like that I think your still beautiful
Woof, woof.
Emma Sorce
Woof woof
AHS for lyfe freakshow will forever be my favorite season but Hotel is good too.
Axis Diagonal
As my request I would like you do a fellow Pokemon rival asmr with plush sounds and tapping on glass(potions)
Lee Morales
woof woof πŸ˜„
Hope Minor
Woof woof
woof woof
Anna Walton
I love you AHS is my favorite show !! We are twins I swear!!
TheMadHattress 17
9:10 okay cool... wait WHAT?
Iri UwU
Is it weird that I have a strong urge to kiss all the spots on his face? 😳❀️
bagel queen
this is incredible! could you maybe do a divergent themed role play? i love your videos ricky :)
Marissa J
"I'm sure you've had ur fare share of mean little kids" Erm. I am a kid thx!
Diamond Hillard
woof woof
Moon Child In The Afternoon
Woof woof
† Acid Aurora †
Yay you watch ahs as well
The Maysen Jar
Thumbs up if anyone said "Pentatonix" when he asked what type of music we like?
Sergio CarreΓ±o
Ricky i think you've got some blackheads
I'm obsessed with this lol, I watched 3 seasons in one weekend so this is amazing
i_am fyre_
Omgomgomg, I LOVE, your dots. Like omg, they r just sooo fabuloooouuusss! I may have to get some myself. ;) Nice job, I really liked it! Knocked me right out!
Nick Kurtz
Woof, woof
Alex Winchester
Woof woof
random dutch girl
Woof woof
Melissa Irwin
Woof woof! 😘πŸ₯°
Valerie Bevill
Makeup part makes it feel like a girls sleep over lol.
Patricia Baker
Woof woof
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