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[BINAURAL ASMR] Affirmations for BPD, Depression, Anxiety, Bipolar, Etc.

[BINAURAL ASMR] Affirmations for BPD, Depression, Anxiety, Bipolar, Etc.

published :: 16/05/03
If you or someone you know may be suicidal, call 1-800-273-TALK (8255). You'll be connected to a skilled, trained counselor at a crisis center in your area, ...
Alex Gundersen UST
Pokemon: Domestic abuse
Ahmet Tuğberk Gençer
I don't remember this from Episode 2
Ramiro Acuña
- No te gusta estar en tu pokebola? Yo: ALV ME SACO UN HUEVO WEEEE N00, Se re sarpaba
Dylan Brittain
Pikachu needs a cigarette after this.
El Daxer
Y el español?
Not Virus 4k Oficial
Mi doctora
Lombana 354
Cuando en español porfavor
Felipe Benavides León
The Jigglypuff song never had an effect on me when i watched the TV show, but right now I'm struggling to stay awake. Great job
Grey Virus
17:15 ohh yeah baby...I feel that...and it makes me feel Goooood....
Carter͙ King
U sang the jiggly puff song yass
Asiah Warren
Pikachu: goes in pokeball
Jan Ruud Schutrups
Nurse Joi?
Pedro García
De verdad me encantas, eres muy buena haciendo ASMR saludos desde Mexico
Buster Maxxwell
Oh, so softly sweet, Ms Galoshi.
Tim Love
I love the singing. Almost a lullaby. I'd LOVE you to do an ASMR featuring you singing lullabies.
Andy H
Me enamoré :l
The Ru
The best thing about getting immune to tingles from you is returning a few months later and being hit with tingles from your breathy whispers. The spray bottle and then you whispering 'just relax' nearly floored me. In a good way.
Diana Alejandra Ramírez Luna
I can feel this on my gummies
Isaiah Eastman
Super concept. Love the pink hair.
Dumb Shit
Thanks baby you tha best, mwah. Love, Pikachu 😎
Rowan Fawcett
Pika Pika Pika Pi.
I know that I’m supposed to be Pikachu but I couldn’t help but imagine myself as a bigger Monster like Zekrom just dangling my legs off the table getting whispered too🤣🤣🤣
Emmett Foley
*'You're a pizza' voice* You're a Pika... You're a pika
calvin cosplay
-paws at any thunderstone-
"Jenny oh Jenny, Joy oh Joy, a one woman man's what I want to be, but they're two perfect girls for meee heeeee!!" Brock
Team Furrypaws
When She said "little Pikachu" I got heart attack cause i had Pikachu kigurumi when i watched this like: "How She knew that i am Pikachu?!"
Otaku Hanabusa
Just like all the other joy's It sure is a joyful world
I don't know why my trainer named me, an emboar, pikachu.
Julia C.N.
IM NOT A PIKACHU >:v Im an Eevee
Because we heard the Jigglypuff song in our childhood, that now as adults, it's nostalgic and I was actually starting to fall asleep to it
Joe Chavez
When she hummed the pokeflute music at 10:36 my nostalgia readings were off the chart
pika pika
Sergi Capdevila
The minute 17:00 is gonna be the new remix confirmed
I'm just gonna... *spritz it all over you.* _what_
Hyper Saiyan
A flock of Spearows attacked my Pikachu.
You look pretty *beat up*
Eliana Antonetty
I want a Christmas request! Can you make a special ASMR role-play about Sonic the hedgehog celebrating Christmas for me?
Jack Black
I have a feeling somebody would judge me for watching this lol
That 3:35 where it didn't work for a second was the most endearing thing.
When she's better at jigglypuff than jigglypuff
Pups Kopf
Te queda perfecto la enfermera Joy, tan hermosa💕
xero blade
Sería genial si estuvieras hablándolo en español
richar antoni
Nurse Joy: May we heal your Pokémon? Me: no Nurse Joy: *pause* Nurse Joy: Great
Diana Alejandra Ramírez Luna
12:19 i died
Ty Martin
Those potions in the back look great!
Ty Martin
Her: starts humming Me: is the song of the jigglypuff
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