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Southern Girl Whispers

Southern Girl Whispers

online since :: 20/01/09
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Yandere Werewolf Queen Takes Care of You [ASMR][Roleplay][F4A]

Yandere Werewolf Queen Takes Care of You [ASMR][Roleplay][F4A]

published :: 20/03/27
Artwork @ gutcube Check out their Fiverr here: Aw! She has a soft side! Just don't get too used to it. Follow me on Twitter: ...
Don’t Know
It still confuses me how your voice can be “soft” and “rough” it’s like a perfect medium and is super fascinating(I think that’s sorta the word I’d use)
Yayyy I've been waitin for this. Thanks UwU
Ben Sprague
She caught meh!
Kefka Plazzo
*Flops broken leg around* Yeah it's bendable, extremely bendable.
on this day of our lord I am ATTRACTED to FEMALES
john haddix
Very cool
Enerjak 333
I love this character! Absolutely deserves a continued series.
Lizard Wizard
I've been looking forward to this!
Paul Cantu
thank you very much for this new video I like it and this is so good and I cannot wait for MOR 😇
OneSnazzyBoi Zero
Nice vid!
Yandere Werewolf comeback AH YES A BIG YES awo
Carlos Cruz
Ohh yeh, we're almost cuddling, this is definitely a win! If this keeps going the way it is, we might soon even hold hands! o///o Plz plz plz part 3! \o/
Jacob Rawlins
Well done hope to hear more of your lovely voice.
Joe Robertson
Hope to see the next part also keep up the good work
Yuki Yuno
The kiss reminded me of the spongebob meme where he ascends 😂😂 also can’t wait till part3 x3
Ah yes..quickly becoming my favorite couple concept. Part 2 is here!!!
Another fine mess i have gotten myself into, thats the last time i drink with a dwarf
devin brill
Please go with the idea below me and 10/10
Neiko Rodriguez
Wick Gaming
Her: You're looking Kinda RUFF Me: Ha Puns..
Jack Knife
Well you're not just licking it thinking it'll make it better, so it ain't that bad....yet.
the nuclear leprechaun
Keeps having skyrim flashbacks of aela the huntress for some odd reason. But I enjoyed this. Wouldn't mind an additional part.
I love It Part 3?
Travis Strauss
Boeing AH-64 Apache attack helicopter
*Gets captured* it is what it is
Deidra: Are you... are you alright? Me: Miss, last week, after my last escape attempt, I was being held hostage by the Devil at some crossroads, and she was trying to get me to sell my soul to help with a music career. Right now, I’m golden!
Part 3 pls?
Giraffe Dragon
Deidra: *gives a little smooch* Me: *wide eyed and stunned, blinks a few times, moves a little closer* Deidra: what are you? Me: *does a little nose rub and rubs my face against hers, all the while humming gratefully*
Drink with a dwarf wake up with a where wolf queen, i have a problem
Caleb Pounders
She really is my favorite character good job keep it up
Tight bandages, tight blanket, and probably thoroughly tied ropes judging by the picture. I have some concerns about the listerners circulation.
Fury Voorhees
WereWolf Queen: Do you need anything else Darling? Mate: No but will you lay down with me? WereWolf Queen: Yes Darling
Harry Bailey
Love this so far but I'm very curious about the devil emojis in this description... guessing it's going to be ahem ruff 😉
Found this yesterday and already loved it ❤
kingboss jmc
I suddenly like Yandere's a lot more. Cause this one is the best one.
amazing content keep up the great content
logan just logan
The emperor approves.
Shinri Haishi
it's the easy way or 28 stab wounds
She reminds me of deathslinger from dead by daylight for some odd reason.
Ashalley Watkins
Aw! Soft Deirdre's Adorable!!! I wonder what the next episode will hold - Another Chase? A Fight? THE WEREWOLF BITE?! We need to know these things!
Gentlemanly Jerk
We got our first sequel lads Absolutely gigantic dub
berzerker dude 65
Im really lycan this series 🐺🌕
Fury Voorhees
The WereWolf Queen All Hail the Queen
I MadGenius
Next time we're cold she could conveniently "loose" the blanket thereby forcing us to cuddle for warmth.
GamerSeal 99
Another masterpiece! Please do more.
fallout gangsta
her: "are you alright you look a little rough did i hurt you?" me: "oh no you just cuddled me, very aggressively" LOL free hugs
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