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(Don't) Open Your Eyes | Monster with self-esteem issues ASMR

(Don't) Open Your Eyes | Monster with self-esteem issues ASMR

published :: 19/10/06
It's nice to play voice-acted games, but I always feel weird since there's not as much for me to read or say :P Editing the next part of northbury grove right now, ...
i really like your videos i’m happy your back! i binged some videos from you the other day
Alright Imma head out
"monster with self-esteem issues" sounds like me
For what it's worth I really enjoy your videos and I'm glad you're making a return! Thanks for providing us with this content and please do keep it coming!
Steve Lasseter
Welcome back
Strictly lanjiao
welcome back :D
Keelan Nugent
hun, i waited two years for you to come back, your stuff is good enough
Should I continue to travel or rest? -stay Hmm should I? How is my demeanor? -calm? Is that so? Do you find me to be too thorough or perfunctory? -cursory. Well, there is only one way to find out. Open your eyes.
Aquaintence Buddy
lakeview cabin got an alien update
NCR Ranger
The npc monster
Andrea Parsons
All I have to say is you can’t open what you don’t have ;)
Pablo Contreras
Dude this is some bird box Sh-... stuff. This is some bird box stuff.
Not the type of ASMR I've expected... but very interesting and philosophical. And, for what it's worth, I never felt like you produced any garbage in the past. I liked your content, always :) See ya soon, I hope...
Dust TheAerialMaster
Hearing you say you don't like your voice upsets me. Your voice is fucking buttery.
Alon Car
good horror game and the best thing is the lack of jumpscares
okay the game was scary until the eyes came
Ras Thavas
holy moly you have the best voice of any LPer what a strange thing to be insecure about
So many uploads! owo I need to find some time to binge watch all of these
PforPanthera #ABK
Wow that first eye style made me think it was about to be an anime monster dating sim xd
Ryuushutsu Maganeko
Im so happy that you get to upload often again.
Hey Cursory, are you doing a Halloween thing?
Cast Away
If you didn't say it's an animal charity, the ad at the beginning, I'd have thought it's somehow related to gun rights (!?!?)
" If we want the rewards of being loved we have to submit to the mortifying ordeal of being known."
Princess Zelda
demon daddy
bob dylan
Damn, monster-bro could seriously use a hug. I really liked how his weird stories became suddenly relatable once he rephrased it as a question for you
Anvil Head
1 hour long Asmr in the title Staycalmcursory Oh yeah its all coming together
people who sleep with their door open aren't afraid to die lmao
Duudddeee that's how I've always felt about charities! It's like such a great cause to donate to but then you find out the owner drives a $100k Mercedes.... and it's like sooo.. uhhh... where's my money going towards again?
Aeon Borne
Yessss an hour of scc
Tranquility Knight
Listens in the beginning Of course you're on a roll just like how people would do in a few years after being burn in the flames of catastrophic events
An hour long video? You spoil us, Cursory. By the way, I've been thinking about making a banner for you, would you be interested? :)
dat thumbnail tho
Captain Merx
OH YISS. Let me get my tea and settle down all nice and cozy. Today is going to be a good day.
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