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[ASMR] Clean & restore "Golden Goose" "Superstar" Full-care  4k

[ASMR] Clean & restore "Golden Goose" "Superstar" Full-care 4k

published :: 19/06/14
Instagram : vetiver_ch Enjoy with Ear phone or head phone !! brand : Golden Goose model : Superstar Music : Krastini_by_AijaAlsina_Artlist.
Денис Савощенко
Rodrigo Costa Lima
the best
Крутые кроссы крутой видос! Спасибо
Iran Acosta
Beautiful video
나도 맡겨보고 싶은데 저런 상태의 신발이 없어서 아쉽
Wonkneetoe Juarez
Thanks for finally using the shoe trees 🙏😭
Jon Anderson
Your masking work is outstanding! Another excellent video ... thanks for sharing! Stay safe and best wishes from the USA!
nguyên nhan Liệt hoả
linoy dori
What you do with the shoes after you repair them? Do you sell them?
Khánh NM
Oh very good
Каменный Камешек
Чилловый видос) Спасибо
레더다이에 물대신 프라이머섞어도될까요? ㅎ 고수님^^
Luis Aquino
Jerome ASMR
The brushing sound is so nice 😊
Arturo Moreno
Vick Almighty is better 😎
Justin Francis
VeTiVeR - putting the 'rest' back into restoration. Beautiful video mate. Always learn something new watching your work.
레더피그먼트는 무슨 염색약인가요? 흰운동하는엔젤러스나 레더다이는 안되나요?ㅎㅎㅎ알려주세요~~
Sasha Luniov
Never seen paint come off in such way on a sneaker, were this painted on before?
Красавчик Нереальный
I think everyone dreams that you restore their shoes )))
Lester Ipapo
the sickness of air force 1s: creased toe box
blood ocean
sqxiil 0103
Просто Бог...
Bucket b
Nice nice nice 👍😃🌌👌😀
오 세탁기 바뀌었당 ㅎㅎ
Amazing restoration, i love the way you restored the snake pattern!
😍 잘봤습니닷 !
Ellie Daniel
what was the leather pigment for ?
Fabók Böbe
Mini electric iron for reather to the shoe nose? :)
Please Background black because we play this vidio in the mid night
Adhitya Maralaut
Hi from Indonesia, I would like to ask you when you put the shoes on the washing machine, are the glue between upper and midsole will be broken? Kindly advise.
Διονύσης Αγγελόπουλος
best time of the day
Localbrand VietNam
Clean af1 all white
can you do a video on Louboutin sneakers?
можно я сам приеду и отклею эту плёнку со стриальной машины
Luz Albana Suarez
Absolutely wonderfull!!! 😍😍😍
Benjamin Eason
you should use a shoe tree to get rid of the crease on the toe box next time u do air forces
Arfan Raza
What's the difference between sneaker detergent and regular detergent
Adolf Hitler
mel ?
thank you for this gift, hope you're okay !
Tamara Grach
Зачем он столько чешет обувь в начале?
Edoardo Di Cecco
Nothing for those creases? Nice job anyway👍
С каждым разом видео все лучше и лучше,приятно смотреть 👀 и слушать 👂 Продолжай в том же духе❤️❤️❤️
Very satisfying and helpful videos thank you. Plz can you make a video on how to store shoes for the next winter(which liquid you should wipe the leather to keep them in shape for the next year).thank you.
C Gomez
The incredible patience he must have to do this intricate detail work
추억의 뱀피..이런 올드류 너무 좋네요
Ari Bgra
YESSS love the sounds
하 코즙 넘 예뻐
PRO gaming
I wish you lived here in the Philippines 😂
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