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Virtual Face Massage and Sleep Relaxation (Stereo) ASMR

Virtual Face Massage and Sleep Relaxation (Stereo) ASMR

published :: 13/01/10
Relax and enjoy a face massage then fall into a deep sleep...
elo ASMR
This is amazing 🤤😴😌
Lou l
To the Dietician , Thank You for Your many talents l ,!!! Just another observer . Here we call it ( JAFO ) .. This Vidio's is precious ..Standing back and observing ,
Luis Carlos Roa
Very relaxing video, thank you! I also improved my English vocabulary a lot ^ ^.
Retarded Potato
I see that no face pen you have. nice
Ren Alcantara
Sneaky No-Face!
Meek ed
Such a long slender neck
Michelle Horn
I’ve only watched this 4 times today.
"Drinks" Only to excess.
Can you do a video exactly like this but with every word in the Oxford Dictionary? Thanks.
Denny Fanelli
You look so lovely and I felt so relaxed instantly. Thanks Jen!
Jen: Your last name? Me: Warner Jen: and that's with two L's? Me: .........sure.....
3dmundo Wungouis
You are the most gorgeous Dr i ever haved💌💔
Star Bright
I made my grocery shopping list from this video!
Anne Lawless
I had a pretty bad mood all day and this video calmed me just perfectly
Jen: ”Vodka?” *”EVERYDAY”*
Auli And friends
Jen looks like a Botichehlli painting and feels like a motherly snuggle. Sounds like Jen. The bestest.
Jen: ”Tell me if you’ve had any of these in the past month and how many times” ”Vodka?” Me: *EVERYDAY*
In one or two videos you're going to hit 40 million total views.
Greyhawk Jones
I learned something too......she is beautiful.
Charli Moose
I love your accent
doctaugly d
I got dibs on miss jennayy
"ARe yOu taking any supplements?" "Is mayonnaise a supplement?"
Jamie Goddard
Love jens soothing voice really comforting makes you feel safe
Lou l
Really enjoy such a natural casual and beautiful approach to your videos !!! ThankYou
Ali R
Yesssssssssssssssssss with the clear writing sounds and soft spokenness 🤩 Boxes ✅
It would be nice to see a library role play
Jean Valero
I hope you know how lovely you are. Thank you for your hard work, it is greatly appreciated
Isaiah Fraire
Absolutely fell in love with your voice 😍
Veterok S'Zapada
Какая же сосочная в этих очках
Birds Are Dinosaurs
Fantastic video, Jen. Soooo tingly. Also, love those glasses! Enjoy the day!
Red Wolfy
Have you ever thought of doing some voice acting irl? Your utterly soothing voice and annunciation would be perfect for commercials or how to videos 🙂
Luke Helton
I feel like I’m not getting enough credit for my Big Macs with American cheese. They’re quite high in protein. 😅
After watching this I realized I live only on protein and non alcoholic drinks :D
Your calming velvety voice lifts one up to a fluffy cloud of soft cotton wool floating skywards.Tingletastic 20 minutes here.
What, no bacon?!!!!
ok but how are you so pretty?!?
Margaret C
the names of the foods are so tingly
Jimmy Cricket
The *eyes* have it!
Ms Marje
The exercise one made me feel guilty 😩 but very relaxing 😌
Soy Ow
Jen: "Have you been exercising?" Me: "Never." Jen: "Very good" PFFT XD
Nathaniel Barley
Never would have thought that basically a grocery list would cure my tingle immunity? Huh....who knew?!
Alexia Gaskill
It was two L's
Cinnabar Analytics
Roh Mah Knee Lettuce
"Exercise?" *Never* "Very good" (prescribes cheese) \o/
And Red
You are my beautiful english teacher)
I am convinced that everyone is watching this around 3am because it 2:52 am rn when I'm watching this. If it's not almost 3am when your watching this your phones if broken or your whole clock system
"Soft Drinks?" *sips root beer* Occasionally.
Happy Onion
"Avocados" Nooooo, Rantarooo! *weeb alert!*
C Purchase
Who knew that food could be so relaxing
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