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What is Cymatics? Chladni Plate

Evan Grant demonstrates the science and art of cymatics, a process for making soundwaves visible. Useful for analyzing complex sounds (like dolphin calls), it also makes complex and beautiful designs. WHAT IS CYMATICS

Golden Ratio in a Northern Right Whale Cochlea

We've all heard about the mysteries that are the sacred geometries. Now we can see for ourselves that whale cochleas are shaped in the form that we've come to know as the Golden Ratio. NORTH ATLANTIC RIGHT WHALE

The Fourth Water Phase - H3O2

There is no longer such a thing as surface tension. The uncanny ability that is a spider walking on water is due to the electric charge from light being trapped within water itself, creating a gel like substance now known as the fourth water phase. 4th PHASE

Sound Physics Compared to Electric Theory

Maxwells equations give us the dimension Entrophy, Pressure, Volume and Temperature. The above use a more classical set specific to electrics rather than the combination electro-magnetic. Could this basic outlook resolve color theory as well, with red heat energy crossing the theta wavelength and frequency metrics into amps and velocity seen on the chart above?
I don't know. I'm still working on this. I use this website as my scratch pad too, ya know! Feel free to download this original chart for your cliff note pleasure. The chart itself compares sound theory to electric theory acccurately while the color quantum theory is still in the works.

Visible Sound and Vibration

Cymatics is the science that makes sound visible. The artistic possibilities are endless, however it is the scientific and religious possibilities that leave us wondering. VISIBLE SOUND CYMATIC PHOTOGRAPHY

What the dolphin saw: Cymatic-Holographic imaging technique in collaboration with have made a significant breakthrough in imaging a submerged man from the echolocation beam transmitted by a dolphin. The resulting image is faint but following enhancement techniques key features of the man and background are revealed. The research took place at the Dolphin Discovery Centre in Puerto Aventuras, Mexico. The submerged man was Jim McDonough, and the female research dolphin, Amaya, was tasked to echolocate upon the man, to ‘see’ Jim with its sound-vision sense. More information on this research can be found in the Oceanography section of CYMATIC HOLOGRAPHIC

Cymatic Soundscapes - Excerpt

These experiments were performed by Hans Jenny in the 1960s. Here he vibrates Lycopodium,(a fine powder which is actually the spores of a club moss) using audible sound. The powder rises up from the surface of the taut rubber membrane, and creates a variety of amazing phenomena. At certain frequencies, it even assumes a circulatory pattern above the surface of the membrane, both generated and contained by the force field of the sound pulsations. From Cymatic SoundScapes. ©2010 MACROmedia Publishing, All Rights Reserved. DR HANS JENNY CYMATICS SOUNDSCAPES

CYMATICS, ASMR and the healing power of SOUND

It has been speculated by some researchers that application of ultrasound cause wounds to heal faster. Other than select articles on the subject of low-amplitude high-frequency sound in bone fracture healing, there no limited medical evidence of this phenomenon. ASMR CYMATICS HEALING WIKIPÆDIA

Homemade Cymatics Demo

An amazingly awesome and simple demonstration as to how cymatics work using a pot, a toilet paper roll, some sprinkles and some enthusiam! HOMEMADE CYMATICS DEMO

Scientists Have Just Found Sound Waves Can Carry Mass

Last year, Nicolis and Riccardo Penco from the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia discovered evidence that using the quantum field theory, sound waves moving through superfluid helium had the ability to carry a small amount of mass with them. CURIOSMOS.COM

Non Neutonian Fluids :: DIY Cymatics

Mr Sir Issac Newton may have his name synonymously associated with this interesting physics phenominon, but it's more likely routed in the neutron, where the mysteries that be gravity exist. So remember that with great information ages, come great social reforms. Spell a Neutron with a "U" rather than a "W" next time as it is clearly spetl that way in the full text beloning to "A NEW AND POPULAR ENCYCLOPEDIA" written and published in 1958. 4th PHASE ARXIV.ORG DIY
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