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Turkey's Cappadocia - Underground City - Open to Public

460,000 square meters is larger than the largest modern building ever built by man, which is a 747 hanger clocking in at 399,483 square meters. Houses approximately 20,000.

NEW! 2019, 5,000-year-old Underground City in Turkey's Cappadocia

Estimated to be around 5,000 years old. Tunnels are flooded halfway high.

We've Been Wrong Before: The Expanding Earth Theory: PopularMechanics

Scientists through the 20th century golden age in marine sciences, understand how shifting plates have moved the continents. Even respected scientists like Charles Darwin and Nikola Tesla flirted with the idea.

Klaus Vogel was an engineer that constructed stunning growing earth models with high precision. In general, the continents tend to move out radially from their ancient positions.

NORAD North Bay Living 680 Feet Underground

What structure is three stories tall, can house over 400 people, can stop an atomic bomb, and has two very long entry halls? It is not Superman's cave, although he would be proud. The answer is the NORAD North Bay Underground Complex, Ontario Canada.

McAdam Earthquake Swarm Mystery

Small earthquakes rattle the village of McAdam for over two months eluding explanation from scientists. Underground canyon or natural uranium deposit? It's a mystery.

USGS Quake Search

The Earth Expands, Earthquakes Swarm and other previously impossible to visualize things. Sonic Booms too.

In the Name of the Father, the Sun and the Hologram. Meet Bomb, the Father

Thermobaric bombs cleared tunnel systems in Afghanistan. It explodes, and with barometric pressure breaches blast doors, pushing fuel outwards to be ignited milliseconds later.

Armageddon Rioting Breaks Out in Paris

Vehicles set on fire in barricades as rocks thrown at police. 30 intruders storm Pitie-Salpetriere hospital in Paris where Princess Diana died in 1997.

Parkland Shooter 'Vomited Clear Fluid'

Cruz, 19, arrested 80 minutes after he allegedly gunned down 34 people, has remained on suicide watch and faces the death penalty.

Vice Magazine says Vomit Drugs Produce no High

Urban environments are filled with pickpockets and wannabe dicelords to the holy order. Hypnotiq drugs create zombies. This drug not only knocks you out, it empties your pocketbook too. Belladonna, LSA, and Scopolamine are all hypnotiques.

Urban environments are filled with pickpockets and wannabe dicelords to the holy order. Hypnotiq drugs create zombies. This drug not only knocks you out, it empties your pocketbook too. Belladonna, LSA, and Scopolamine are all hypnotiques.

Muthart Gouged Her Eyes Out in a Drug-Induced Hallucination

20-year-old woman found gouging out her eyes while outside a church is warning others about dangerous illegal drugs. Once Kaylee's mother arrived, doctors broke the news that her daughter was completely blind.

20-year-old woman found gouging out her eyes while outside a church is warning others about dangerous illegal drugs. Once Kaylee's mother arrived, doctors broke the news that her daughter was completely blind.
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Silicon Valley, The Secret History - Documentary

How to deflect radar systems, and other interesting tidbits about technology and it's rapid deployment across WWII.

Swiss Urban Algae Pharm Eats Pollution

Upto 10x times more efficient producing oxygen than trees, and cuts CO2 emissions upto 68%. "Microalgae grow much faster than land plants', is a rocket fuel source and, 'co-products are produced simultaneously," said Greene. Biofuels create failsafe auxiliary industries.

The True Price of Privatizing Space Travel

NASA will charge about $35,000 a night per passenger to sleep on board the ISS and use its amenities, starting as soon as next year. I smell clean burning biofuels!

Gene Editing with Crispr Software

Remember bulletproof spider silk goats? Crisper makes hybridization in species and productions possible. Barriers to entry are lowering and the innovation race has begun, as the buddha raises a thousand arms. Stop organ FARming crimes across the world and start organ PHARming.

Stem Cells are Real and They're Here to Stay - BioPharming Basics - 2006

Say you want to grow a great vegetable, you find a seed, and they are tiny, and you find it from a whole field, choosing seeds near the best fruits. Then you take that seed (Stem Cell), and you put it where it can grow, in this instance, biotissue pharmed inside a biopharm. So what happens when you take a cell from a donor? Your DNA changes and you become a cross breed, a chimera, but it works.

Chimeric Stem Cell Allografts, Kidney Transplant Sans Immunosuppression

Transplant 7 months in resulted in 92% allograft acceptance, normal kidney function and histology with no further treatment.

Genetically Modified Goats Make Bullet Proof Vests From Spider Silk

We genetically engineered the goats so that they produced a spider protein in their milk. We then purify that protein from the milk and spin it into fibers.

Interspecies Chimerism and Mammalian Pluripotent Stem Cell

Exceedingly long life spans are around the corner, and ethical debates abound. Where do I get my new liver, how does a human trafficked person affect my life? Problem solved with cross species GMO, say it backwards, OMG! Given our diverse genetic backgrounds, people need specific stem cells for specific bodies, so start with organ pharming industries.

George Church and the Wooly Mammoth

Championing DNA and genetics George Church has not only called upon the reversal to aging as the next great mammalian advance, he's also got people taking 28,000 year old mammoth dna and making it live inside mice.

Pharming Hematopoietic Stem Cells

In many ways, hematology is in the early stages of its own agricultural revolution with current efforts to grow red blood cells, platelets, and cancer-killing T-cells.

Funding, Grants and Incentives

Canadian Federal Government manages several grants and incentive programs to encourage research, development and demonstration in BioTech.

European Commission - Silver Mercury Amalgam

As from 1 July 2018, dental amalgam is prohibited on loose teeth, children under 15 and pregnant or breastfeeding women, unless necessary.

Hypnotic Suggestion : How to Steal Money Legally : Darren Brown

It's happened to me, but it cost me a lot more than my watch
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Suicide Emergency Among Canada's First Nations - April 2016

An indigenous community in Canada's northern region of Ontario has declared a state of emergency after 11 people there attempted suicide on Saturday night.

Marxism ONLY $ 292,085.58!!

Yes, Karl marx died more drunk and solemn than Orson Welles, more solemn and drunk than Napoleon or Winston Churchill. Marx Levy Mordechai was the father to Karl Marx, his only completed book ever published was about capitalism. Some great works are transliterations, such as Carl Jung's Red book to the Black Book. Marx's papers were transliterations by Engels (1885 and 1894). Is Engels or Marx considered the father to socialism?

Value of a Human Life: $129,000 - 2008 - TRIGGER WARNING

In theory, a year of human life is priceless. In reality, it's worth $50,000. That's the international standard most private and government-run health insurance plans worldwide use to determine whether to cover a new medical procedure. New research, however, would argue that that figure is far too low.

Albinism and Cavernous Species

We've all seen the Geico direct ads, and they're funnier than a skittles commercial, but have we taken albinism and subterranean species seriously? Cavemen represent ancient ancestry largely in the caucasion race. Yes, buddies. Albinism is due to cave dwelling and when the cold snow cometh, men and women alike retreat into caves. My Supposition. How about yours?


Oculocutaneous Albinism In Layman terms, when you cross a black dog with a white dog, you either end up with a brown dog, white dog or black dog. There are four Albino Types, with characteristics ranging from red hair, white skin, light colored iris, involuntary eye movements and more at the US National Library.

The Iron Age, The Copper age, the Golden Age and the Silicon Age (My Supposition)

Mammals adapt to living conditions, and when those adaptations become essential to survival, mates are chosen and gene expressions are passed via dna into children. Did copper miners suffer extremes that are still with us as genetic predispositions, such as tuberculosis? Did the Iron age lead to anemia? Can we see genetic damage or low birth rates during golden ages (I know, bear with me), as gold mining and exposure to gold causes dna damage. In the event you missed key evolution theories such as mega fauna and insular island dwarfism, it's about time to consider that man evolved from giant ape, rather than tiny monkey, and every single great, great grand parent in our genetic line is represented in the now. That's a lot a history!


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Above : Nazi Olympia Movie Celebrates Racial Diversity

Nazi Treasure has Nothing to do with Bank Notes

Hitler was weird. He slept in separate beds from his wife, and his henchmen straight from the homeless shelter had the reading capacity comparable to a 6 year old on battery acid. Even thier own top ranking skilled generals plotted to assassinate them. About half the nazi war criminals are still wanted in court.

Self Immolations Worldwide - But are they as Awesome as Tibets?

We heard about it first in Cambodia but now the rest have caught fire worldwide and everyone from your friend to your elderly grandmother are doing it. Maybe someday you'll do it too?

Metals in Commonly Used Nigeria Hair Care Products

The intentional use of compounds of antimony (Sb), arsenic (As), cadmium (Cd), chromium (Cr), cobalt(Co), and nickel (Ni) as ingredients of cosmetic products is prohibited by Annex II of directive 76/768/EEC of the European Union because they are considered unsafe as a result of toxicity problems, but these compounds still persist in today's cosmetic products.

High Fluoride and Low Protein on Tooth Development Effect

Yes. The Bristish had crooked teeth during the world wars, and now thanks to science scrutinizing starvation and fluoride effects, we can ask ourselves this. How close was the United Kingdom to becoming Poland's Warsaw?


The Truth About Tampons

Besides the fact that you are shoving bodily waste back into yourself, it remains suspended by toxic plastics. This costs Canadians more than it does to house homeless people (supposition). 2016 - Time magazine had to step in.


Canadian and Denmark Women are World Leaders in Cancer

Cervical Cancer tops statistics as the most reported, with great survival rates. Canadian women are the 5th most cancerous demographic, while Canadian men are 15th according to various Sources. Denmark is notoriously worse.


Aluminium in Human Breast Tissue, Aluminum in Alzheimers

Aluminum promotes disease. It's a poor bioelectric. It doesn't spark when you grind it, and it heats up fast. Antiperspirant is bad. Use deodorant instead.


Cancer Risk in Aluminum Reduction Plant Workers (Canada)

Before the nineties rocked our world, we were all up in arms about yellow butter and aluminum pop cans. Someone must have fucked us hard, because we all forgot how dangerous aluminum is. Worried? Don't be, just remember that fenugreek on your salad helps.

The Effects of Krokodil - Real Life Zombies

The Drug Krokodil is a cheaper version of Heroin and is easy to make. It first surfaced in Russia and now is appearing all around the world including North American countries the United States, Mexico and Canada. It rots from the inside out. Up next, 1,000,000 stolen Canadian codeine pills feuling the hydro codeine business sprouting up everywhere.


Age-restricted video (based on Community Guidelines)

Codeine tops list of pharmaceutical drugs reported missing in Manitoba

Australia Pulls codeine from the shelves

Regina lost 1.1 million codeine pills

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Did Atlantis Sink Below the Waves, the Sands, or Both?

Venice has been sinking for over 400 years, yet architects continue to keep on building. The Africa 16th century map below shows rivers that can still be seen from space on satellite imagery. Sinking is slang for 'sin king'. A lush terrain, that sunk below the sands.

France has New Suicide Prevention Units

Parents around the world still think lithium is poison and vaccines are evil. Lithium was banned during the cold war inside the USA and it was also in 7up at the outbreak to the great recession. This stuff is so controversial you'll be reaching for over the counter versions as the drug war heats up with superior access to superior chemicals. The search for ordonnance continues.

Above :: The Homunculus :: Little Man in a Bottle :: Human NeoCortex Map

The next time your somatosensory system fires up, remember, chemicals, and electromagnetics are both at play, and way back in the ancient days, some people thought it was funny to take the life belonging to another and put it into a bottle. See the thieves kant here.


Above :: Jack the Ripper Victim

Red light districts are nothing new, and neither are barber poles. The Red and White barber pole was known to hang outside brothels, and civil war antiques point to a time where the North hated long haired hippies. In London, when blood cults reigned and missing people became a regular happening, Jack the Ripper came to the rescue and laid down the golden rule. Nuff Said Bub.

Religions Importing Hypnotiques into Canada : No Hazmat Suit Required

Greyhound killers, and body parts mailers, all need something special. Legally Exempt.

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Phenibut: The Soviet Smart Drug

Smart Drugs have been with us since neanderthal gathered herbals, they've disappeared with the alchemical revolutions through history, and brightened our lives in great recessive times. Now they're here to stay, plus or minus a few fillers. Gaba's promise to help you sleep and maintain function in times involving great endurance. You might know smart drugs as Nootropics, Smart Drinks, Neurtraceuticals, Synthetics or Herbal remedies. The general rule, never mix herbals with synthetics as synthetics are a single potent chemical and an herbal contains a million or more chemicals that may have unpredictable reactions. Oh yeah, and no alcohol alongside phenibut, unless you want your friends rolling you on your back and lying to the ambulance crew to save you money.

Shipping Container Architecture :: Mobile Homes, or Bomb Blast Infantry?

From restaurants and offices to a ferry port and pop-up shopping mall, we choose some of the best buildings that use reclaimed shipping containers in their design

above image: Dr.Seuss 1941

Government to Dismiss Ontario's Prison Reform

The Ontario government is dismissing the prison reformer hired just two years ago to overhaul the province's troubled correctional system, leaving the ultimate fate of his work in doubt.

Britain Battle - Pat Condell

When was the last time commentary and comedy struck you to the core. Obviously you haven't seen post 911 judeo christian comedians, but now, on youtube, you can laugh your ass to death.

The Science to Finding Buried Bodies

UK Home Office statistics show that around 2,000 of the 200,000 people who are reported missing each year are still not found after 12 months.

2013 - Obesity Upgraded to Disease - Binge Eating added to DSM

In order to fight what it described as an "obesity epidemic," the American Medical Association has voted to recognize obesity as a disease. The AMA noted that obesity rates in the United States have "doubled among adults in the last 20 years and tripled among children in a single generation"
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