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23rd Ghost Army Inflatable Tank

Troops from the 23rd Headquarters (Ghost Army) - Inflatable Tank

What exactly did they do? A broad set of missions that are best summed up as tactical deception. This meant employing inflatable tanks, openly talking about “classified information”. They also used sonic deception — aka blasting out the pre-recorded sounds, on the move via loudspeakers. They recruited artists, actors, architects, ad agency men, set designers, and radio personalities from the era. In total, there were more than 1,100 soldiers assigned to the 23rd. They deployed to the United Kingdom in May 1944, where they lured away suppression on D-Day. BLACKRIFLECOFFEEASMR TANKSNORMANDYASMR MILITARYASMR GHOST

Bovine Adrenal Glands and Piracetam: A Daily Cocktail

At a neuronal level, piracetam modulates neurotransmission in a range of transmitter systems (including cholinergic and glutamatergic), has neuroprotective and anticonvulsant properties, and improves neuroplasticity. One of the ways that Piracetam enhances cognitive function is by increasing acetylcholine production. Piracetam and choline together are a safe and powerful combination. Less toxic than table salt. ASMR UNIVERSITYWASHINGTONPOSTCLINICALTRIALSASMR CHAKRA

Whales boast the brain cells that ‘make us human’

The long-finned pilot whale is estimated to have the highest number of neocortical neurons than any mammal studied to date, with almost twice as many neurons as humans. BLUE WHALE ASMRNEWSCIENTIST.COMNCBI.NLM.NIH.GOV
Elongated Paracas Skulls “The art of medicine consists of amusing the patient while nature cures the disease.” - Voltaire ASMR HEAD EXAMASMR CRANIAL NERVE EXAMASMR SATISFYING HEAD

Has the first person who'll live to 1,000 already been born?

Professor Rudi Westendorp has predicted the first person to live to 135 has been born, but other scientists declared that we have already seen the birth of the first person who will live to 1,000. ASMR LONGEVITY MASSAGEASMR FENG SHUIDAILYMAIL

Artificial Cranial Modification 50,000 years ago in Shanidar Caves

Erik Trinkaus, "Artificial Cranial Deformation in the Shanidar 1 and 5 Neandertals," Current Anthropology 23, no. 2 (Apr., 1982): 198-199. UNIVERSITYCHICAGOCAVEMAN ASMRASMR SKULL EXAM

Ancient Villages and a Nova Scotian Stone Henge

An ancient village older than the pyramids has been unearthed by a University of Victoria student, and a B.C. First Nation says it backs up tribe stories passed down for generations.

Black Dolphin Prison

The prison is one of the oldest life sentence prisons in Russia, Orenburg region. It gets its unofficial name from a fountain with a prisoner-constructed sculpture depicting a black dolphin, set before the main entrance.

Khymer Rouge Targeted the River Dolphin

 during the Pol Pot regime (1975-1979). It was reported that hundred of dolphins were killed during the for the motor boats fuel dry season. WEPA-DB

Military Dolphins

The United States and Soviet militaries have trained and employed oceanic dolphins for several reasons.WIKIPEDIA
Vladamir Putin with Dolphins
Rep: Dolphins are intelligent, friendly mammals that like to play tricks. Reality: All of the above is true, but dolphins also go in for sexual harassment, incest and infanticide.Bad Dolphins?
The Dauphin of France The Dauphin of France , originally Dauphin of Viennois (Dauphin de Viennois), was the title given to the heir apparent to the throne of France from 1350 to 1791 and 1824 to 1830. Upheaval during the French Revolution resulted in the disappearance to the throne. Left Image : France Emblem

US museum debuts first 3-D holograms of Holocaust survivors

Chicago exhibit uses voice-recognition technology and machine learning to let visitors ask questions about hardships under Nazi regime. “Audiences feel even more comfortable asking their questions to the hologram” she said. “How old are you now?” one child asked.TIMESOFISRAEL

Will-o'-the-wisp, will-o'-wisp or Ignis Fatuus

(Medæval Latin for "foolish fire") is an atmospheric ghost light seen by travellers at night, especially over bogs, swamps or marshes.

Canadian Pot Companies are Worth Billions

Bloomberg data shows there are 84 public companies trading on Canadian stock exchanges that are somehow connected to the cannabis industry, and collectively they are worth $37 billion. CBC
Ginko Biloba Leaf

Ginko Biloba (Anti Viral)

Grown all over Niagara Falls Canada. This tree has neural regeneration effects with cerebral insufficiency. It is one of the worlds oldest trees, having survived several world wide extinction events, and it has also survived the nuclear blast site at hiroshima. It is safe to say this is one of the most effective natural anti-viral medicines in existence. Anti-influenza virus activity of Ginkgo biloba leaf extracts. NCBI

1000 fps Space Lightning Discovered

 Sprites and sprite halos imaged by Alaskan University at Wyoming Infrared Observatory, Jelm Mountain, 1999 SPRITES 1000fps
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Newest ASMRtists by least videos created! See 10219 artists in the... ASMR Directory!
Which One Are You? Naturaholic
Angelo Mosso
Angelo Mosso

Bi-Polar Fundamentals - Father Neuro Imaging

What had been called manic-depressive psychosis is said to have begun 1957 with German psychiatrist Karl Leonhard. Social reform in the  early 1990s brought bipolar terminology back. Neuroimaging traces back to the Italian neuroscientist Angelo Mosso who invented the 'human circulation balance', which could non-invasively measure the redistribution of blood during emotional and intellectual activity. Remarkably, Angelo Mosso unearthed and investigated several critical variables relevant in modern neuroimaging such as the ‘signal-to-noise ratio'.
fMRI - BiPolars, Schizophrenics Above: fMRI - BiPolars, Schizophrenics

TRI-POLAR (Grey’s Anatomy) There are three known poles of the cerebral hemispheres: the occipital pole, the frontal pole, and the temporal pole. Blood flow to the brain was measured by weight on scales. PSYCHFORUMS
Wales UK Red Dragon Emblem

Qing Imperial China and Great Britain

British East India Opium Wars in the 18th century is a long forgotten mirage in ancient history. Get to know your ultra left wing politics. WIKIPEDIA
Welsh Whale Emblem inspired by Oriental troop movement into Britannia during Roman occupation.

Flintshire Whales Cilcain - The Icni Final Descent against Rome

 The causes of the revolt of the Iceni led by Boudicca tend to be viewed in isolation from the events that occured in Anglesey even though the Roman forces were recalled from there to deal with the revolt. RESOURCESFORHISTORY

Pythians, Gorgons, and Pythagoreans, Oh My!

Complex engineering and metal-work discovered beneath ancient Greek 'pyramid'. THEGUARDIAN


NASA Confirms Ozone is replenished via thunderstorms. NASA.GOV
Blue Girl Says Don't Put it in Your Mouth

Drugs Drugs Drugs, Which are good, Which are bad?

Canadian PSA`s used to say something. What are they saying to you now? Stop Elder Abuse, be aware Turrets! Step back to a simpler time when your parents knew about drugs, and all they asked is that, "you don’t put it in your mouth...♪♫♬"DRUGS DRUGS DRUGSDONT PUT IT IN

Navy Keeps Encountering UFOs, Radar Operators are Investigating

Videos, along with observations by pilots and radar operators, appear to provide evidence of the existence of aircraft far superior to anything possessed by anyone. Succeeding sound barriers without a whisper.BUSINESSINSIDER.COM
the USA :: MegaBot MKII
the USA :: MegaBot MKII :: Interestingly (and perceptively) the backers see robot fighting to be like Formula One or NASCAR motor racing — an inherently high-risk spectator sport

Canada’s Bot Brawl League

 - 19 robots is an incredible number and truly speaks to the excellent maker community present here in Waterloo Region. Often numbers only grow by 1-2 builders a year! Mayors of Kitchener, Waterloo and Cambridge we thank you for helping us kick-off Bot Brawl and Maker Expo! CHEVY ASMRBOTBRAWL.CA

Sling Load Magnetometer Operations

Recently, NOVAerial Robotics Inc. is an operational developer on airborne magnetometer surveying. Used by the mining industry to search for magnetic anomalies in the ground which could indicate the location of valuable mineral deposits.   NOVAAERIAL.COM

The Ancient Giants Who Ruled America

Not only are there numerous finds of giants 8-10 feet tall, but there are also related finds that are inscribed with hieroglyphs, textiles that resemble those from Assyria and Babylon. THEEVENTCHRONICLE.COM

Scientists Regrow Broken Teeth Naturally with Alzheimer's Drug

Researchers at King’s College London (KCL) found that a drug designed to treat Alzheimer’s disease was able to stimulate the qutooth to create new dentine capable of filling in large cavities.

Liposomal Tek, Surpassing the Blood Brain Barrier

Directions : Combine Ingredients, Powder to Water First, Then Everything and Blend.
Ingredients : Two tablespoons ascorbic acid powder. Six tablespoons soy granules. Three cups distilled water. Ultrasonic cleaner.
Alternative ingredients (optional) ; Olive Oil, Cherry Powder, Camu Camu Powder, Sunflower Granules. You may also do without the ultrasonic cleaner and use a blender only, resulting in less lipid penetration, sour solution.

Evolution of Vitamin C gene in humans and other animals

 The relatively large amounts of vitamin C required daily, likely explain why most vertebrate species are able to synthesize this compound. Surprisingly, many species, such as teleost fishes, anthropoid primates, guinea pigs, as well as some bat and Passeriformes bird species, have lost the capacity to synthesize it. NCBI
Dr. Seuss. Hurry Up With That Ark. Australila, Africa, Near East, East Indies, India.

Dr. Seuss and Roald Dahl - The War Propagandists

Before he wrote children's books, he worked in the war department, chronicling the antics of Nazi's and other irritants. Roald Dahl is the genius behind the Gremlins legend, and he was recounting a true story from RAF WWII bomber pilots.
The Gremlins - Roald Dahl: ROALDDAHL
Dr. Seuss Goes to War: AMAZON

Shark Kryptonite

Electropositive metals (EPMs) are a new class of shark deterrent. Non-Magnetic. Classical magnets push sharks away. 1.75 VDC Electropositive Rare Earth Metal in seawater overwhelms the sharks ampullary organ with attraction, scaring them away. PBS

Berkley California - Physics for Future Presidents

Harvard, MIT, Cambridge, Oxford, Guelph, Calgary, you name it, universities are on Youtube. Berkley California physics course that instills fundamentals. YOUTUBE

SPAWAR Systems Center Pacific

Technology that uses the magnetic induction properties of sodium chloride (salt) in sea water to create UHF/VHF/HF antenna.YOUTUBE


 H20, Hydrogen, Oxygen, + Energy = Water. Demonstrated. Creates a loud thunder. YOUTUBE
The Incredible Hulk
Marvels Beast


 The Hulk can jump from continent to continent, he can take on entire armies, he is unstoppable, however he ultimately cannot recognize friend from foe in combat, nor remember the events . During the day he moonlights as mild mannered Bruce Banner, military scientist. To the Hulk, the Beast is Royalty with his charm and otherworldly scientific achievements rivalring Dr Strange, in private company with Tony Stark, Iron Man. ASMR HULKASMR MARVEL FACTSASMR DR STRANGEASMR IRON MAN

Half of people shot by police are mentally ill, investigation finds

Canadian PSA`s used to say something. What are they saying to you now? Stop Elder Abuse, be aware Turrets! Step back to a simpler time when your parents knew about drugs, and all they asked is that, "you don’t put it in your mouth...♪♫♬"

Harvard wants you to know that Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Dopamine deficiency is linked to our growth hormones. Specifically, an angry man is one heart attack away from death. Next time you get angry, remember the tension around your heart. D5 Receptors. HARVARD.EDUBINAURAL DOPAMINEASMR ANGER

BioPharming (Quality Tastes Like Umami)

Trytophan, an essential amino acid, makes niacin, serotonin (5-HT), melatonin and growth hormone. Tyrosine regulates the growth hormones, and the best tyrosine tastes like savory meat. Umami (/uˈmɑːmi/, from Japanese: うま味) or savory taste is one of the five basic tastes (together with sweetness, sourness, bitterness, and saltiness. It has been described as savory and is characteristic of broths and cooked meats. Sometimes a supplement comes from minerals, rock deposits, leftover food scraps, and other times, it is BioPharmed! 1979 L-Tryptophan Effect On Growth Hormone NUTRIENTJOURNAL.COM
Chunk from The Goonies

The Dolphin who loved me: the Nasa-Fun-Dead project

In the 1960s, Margaret Lovatt was part of a Nasa-funded project to communicate with dolphins. Soon she was living with ‘Peter’ 24 hours a day in a converted house. Christopher Riley reports on an experiment that went tragically wrong THEGUARDIAN.COM

Bumfights' producers accused of mailing body parts

"Our evidence indicates that they either stole the body parts, or they bought them from other people," he said. "We have to bring them back for more questioning." SANDIEGOUNIONTRIBUNE.COM

Centrophenoxine : Synthetic Growth Hormone (Discovered in Plants)

In mice with a premature ageing disease, the treatment countered signs of ageing and increased their lifespan by 30 per cent. It could allow people to live until more than 100 years old. In healthy mice it also helped damaged organs to heal faster. SCIENCEDIRECT.COMTELEGRAPH.CO.UK

Mexico is Sinking 3 Feet every Year!!!

The 19th century information age has brought new phenomenon to our attention. The sinking city and earthquake lights, a.k.a. EQL.  Venice began sinking as early as the 19th century alongside reports and investigations on earthquake lights. Lights reported at the 373 BC sunken city Helike. Home to the Poseidon. Mexico city is reported in modern video news media to be sinking at 3 feet per year accompanied by earthquake lights and earthquakes. USGS.GOVTHEGUARDIAN.COM
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