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Here’s One Dolphin Who Doesn’t Mind A Net

The clever dolphin clearly has mastered the art of basketball and scores point after point flipping the ball up through the hoop with his nose. Amateur photographer Sergio Longhi, 44, captured the athletic animal's incredible sporting feat as it splashed around with keepers at a sanctuary in Cuba. DAILYMAIL.CO.UK Lithuanian Dolphin Slam Dunks! YOUTUBE.COM

Profit? How about Professionally Fit!

America, for its part, currently trains around 75 dolphins as well as sea lions under the US Navy Marine Mammal Program, based in San Diego, California. The US Navy spent $14 million in 2007 on marine mammal research and training programmes. This century is set to reunite peoples universally as language barriers break down with friendships forged in pastimes both on the job and off. FORCES.NET

Dolphin And Whale Sanctuaries: If You Build Them, They Will Come

Ownership on individuals leads to the slaughter when an owner profits solely on meat, while ownership to the franchise grants rights to publicity and protects liberty. Free sanctuaries where choice belongs with the athlete creates an environment where special people thrive.
Baltimore's National Aquarium says it will move its bottlenose dolphins out of pools and into North America's first oceanside dolphin sanctuary by 2020. SeaWorld theme parks and the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus have also responded to recent backlash by changing how their star animals are treated.

Is a Dolphin a Person?

Bottlenose dolphins have bigger brains than humans (1600 grams versus 1300 grams), and they have a brain-to-body-weight ratio greater than great apes do (but lower than humans). "They are the second most encephalized beings on the planet," says Marino.

Quantitative Relationships In Delphinid Neocortex

We found that the long-finned pilot [Delphinid] neocortex has approximately 37.2 × 109 neurons, which is almost twice as many as humans, and 127 × 109 glial cells.


Most people think dolphins want nothing to do with the human species, and that trainers are cruel slave masters. The truth is, unept educations, poor funding, and motivation leads all the wrong people to the marine ecosystem. Entire theme parks have been shut down almost overnight because someone showed up expecting pets to give them a job. The free market brings all the right people in, and in Jerry Mac Guire the movie, we all learn that Cuba Gooding Junior is the Boss. Most people think a dolphin spitting out it’s meal is hilarious, but it’s a sure sign that the trainer is nothing more than stupified by policy. Open sanctuaries require the trainer to be trained by the dolphin, as they are no longer bound to return to someone who treats them poorly.


It is has been said that play is a great expression of intelligence, and whales and dolphins are gold medallists in this field! Pods of dolphins leap, tumble, back flip and spin together; and there is often no explicable reason for their behaviour other than pure social enjoyment. US.WHALES.ORG

Ukraine Military Dolphins Commandeered By Russia Went On Hunger Strike

Dolphins are loyal to their favorite people and they will hunger strike when they feel things aren’t right. Their collective intelligence communicates righteousness among them all and they will die by hunger strike to send a message worldwide. THEGUARDIAN.COM

What Do Dolphins Eat? Favorite Foods?

Somedays Squid is a favorite, and others it’s mackerel. The Echo Location Visualization and Interface System (ELVIS) allows Dolphins to make choices and answer questions. Luna the young Dolphin grasped the concept quickest and is eager to choose her own meals and please her trainers. YOUTUBE Dolphin diets vary by season and by habitat. Bottlenose dolphins living in the Moray Firth, Scotland, favour salmon when it is available in the spring and summer months. Dusky dolphins eat shrimp, squid and various fish, including tiny anchovies. Commerson’s dolphins feed on small fish, crabs, octopus, and small crustaceans. US.WHALES.ORG

They can Dunk!

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