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Summer Solstice :: First Nations Turtle Island :: Kitchewana :: Giants Tomb

The giant sea turtle went first because he was the biggest. He tried and tried but couldn't descend to the bottom of the rising waters.


The giant sea turtle went first because he was the biggest. He tried and tried but couldn't descend to the bottom of the rising waters.

Giants Tomb in Georgian Bay, ON faces the summer solstice cardinal direction in a similar way that newgrange Ireland faces the winter solstice cardinal direction, however the island may be slightly torsioned by a degree or three. It's possibly older than many sites.

Mayans in Georgia?

The Track Rock Gap in Chattahoochee National Forest were created more than 1,000 years ago.


Modern Turtle Tombs In Okinawa

Okinawan spirituality is respect for ancestral spirits Although physically and materially dead, are spiritually alive and present in the ongoing lives of their descendants.

Winter Solstice :: Newgrange Ireland


Viking Longhouse, Meet the Iroquois Longhouse

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King Kong in Hong Kong: Missing Link Fossil Found in 1930s Apothecary

Gigantopithecus jawbone (left and centre) and a gorilla jawbone (right) "I began to hunt for fossils in the Chinese drugstores in Java," he later wrote. "I discovered that I had made a grave mistake in simply inquiring about 'teeth'. I should have asked for 'dragon teeth'''. When I finally learned the correct name and obtained a prescription, I succeeded in finding these teeth in every Chinese drugstore in every Chinese community."
Canadian Ancient Indian Remains in Augusta, Edwardsburg and Escott (Leeds and Grenville) Hundreds and thousands of years before the white man's foot had pressed the soil of the New World, there lived and flourished a race of men who called this continent their home. Had they a written history, what deeds of chivalry might we not peruse ! What tales of forest ! Alas ! for their glory, their ardor, and their pride ! They have all passed away, That noble race and brave, Their light canoes have vanished. From the crested wave. But. Their name is on your waters, You may not wash it out.

Financing for Indiginous Entrepreneurs

You could get up to $10,000 for a project that is designed to help your Aboriginal tourism business move towards market or export readiness.

Big Hill Nova Scotia :: Megaliths

The site is located on the highest mountain in the area. Without the trees it would overlook the whole area. Within the structure is a Dolmen that rests on three base stones.

Peterborough Petroglyphs

These petroglyphs are described by Dr Berry Fell as being ogham, an ancient pictoglyph writing system whereby the image drawn is symbolic to a word spoken and that word spoken is accented by dots. Ogham is said to be in the archeological record as far east as Ireland and Norway.

Warsaw Caves in Peterborough

Cities are named so for a reason, and when a land scout returns to describe the land, he may claim to have seen traces to ancient warfare. I saw war, like a trackerman, and it's name becomes Warsaw. There are at least 8 cities named warsaw on the east coast, America, and Warsaw Caves in Peterborough is right next to petroglyphs. It is difficult to say what happened here but it could be an ancient siege on a cave once inhabited by man. You decide. 8 cities named Warsaw.

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Yonaguni Monument :: Cities in the Sky

When did this terraced city sink into the oceans? Okinawa is prized as Japan's blue zone, where people live past 100 years routinely. It is also home to sunken Yonaguni monuments. The chart to the left shows that around 15 thousand years ago sea levels where upto 100 meters lower.


Above : Sigiriya Sigiriya, Sri Lanka

Proof Positive :: Migration Waves Recorded in Native American Language Surveys

DNA maps are starting to prove migration patterns, but it's the language maps that spur historians. The land bridge from the west happened, the europeans came from the east, and the mesoamericans from the south. This map shows us where Europe and Africa landed.

Ottawa on a 16th Century Map

The congress across the border in the USA has a library and this map is from there.

congress library

Haplogroup R1 Haplogroups are genes in chromosomes that are usually inherited from generation to generation. Shared by a decent or the same ancestor that can date back more than 1000 years and contains vitals about a person's ancestors.

Utrecht Peace Treaty North America ca 1750; some French forts listed here were not built until thirty years after 1713. France in blue, Great Britain in Pink, and Territories ceded by France to Great Britain by the Utrecht Treaty in 1713.


Trump Signs Largest Wilderness Protection Bill In a Decade

New law protects 375,000 wilderness acres in California desert, expands Death Valley and Joshua Tree national parks.
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