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The Flat Earth - God, The Devil, The Great Halls, and Echolocation

Are cities sinking? Are the water levels around the earth rising? Do trees breathe carbon? The maldives have the lowest elevation to any country in the world, and besides the occasional travel warning, sea levels remain the

There is nothing more stubborn than someone with a big brain, and when that big brain can't see much higher than a few feet, the horizon is flat, thus the Spanish and others have been joking about societies that have drowned in the water, or sunken, or sinking cities. The Flat Earth theory can be seen in cubist paintings. Time to wonder why Cuba is so funny. "Havana Syndrome" is the name popularized by the media in 2018 for purported acoustic attacks on United States and Canadian embassy staff, first reported in Cuba, and then in China

Guernica - The Night Electromagnetics Flattened Everyone's worlds.

1 in 5 Canadians are mentally challenged, and besides the drop to 13th in GDP and other world matters, are we truly disabled?

God and all Earth Children. Some Peoples Kids, eh?

We'evil's is a name given to insects aboard sea vessels that routinely plagued vitamin C deficient privateers. They encountered sea monsters and mermaids. Besides visual thought projection (echolocation), scientists are discovering intelligent

God Listens and They're More Than a Dog

Yo! What's up Dog. Translation, transliteration, black books, red copies, edited galore. Seven is used in the Bible, the Egyptian Dead Book and the Talmud. Too Severe, to sever, to strike from the records. As a check mark strikes up, a seven strikes down. Some things comes slowly. Ancients wrote Cah as the whale that leaves the body as it dies, to enter the after world.

Zoroastrianism symbol possibly representing Rebirth, Flight and Immortals


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The Holodomor and Rwanda : Hunger Strikes and Aids

Bone yards, emaciated bodies, dead albinos, and the African Aids epicenter. Vampires are a bitch. State Communists are a little different, they like production schedules, and when someone has no bartering chips other than human life, watch out, starvation ensues. Holodomor survivor in Burlington shares famine story on inside

Our Skin : Symmetrical, Sporadic

Skin on our bodies largely mirrors our brain health. Losing your hair? Breaking out in skin rashes? Going grey? Blame your brain. A skin disease which shows up on both your left and right side, is somewhere in your cerebellum, while one that is sporadic like the measles or chickenpox may be located on only the right or left brain hemisphere. Skin rashes tend to break out during conflicts and stress. Stress is a reaction to conflict.

Skin Conditions in Warfare


Zombie Outbreaks and Holocausts.

The anatomical brain illustration on the left illustrates ventricles. Sodium chloride central nervous system fluid channels that receive electromagnetic stimulus that signal into a narrow point at the occipital lobe, our brain imaging center. The cerebellum underneath is reputed as the reptile brain, or the brain that developed first in evolutionary terms.

Sea Water Antenna

- Technology that uses the magnetic induction properties of sodium chloride (salt) in sea water to create UHF/VHF/HF

Are We limited to 5 Senses?

It's well known that we can sense much more than taste, sound, smell, sight, and touch, in fact we can sense a storm brewing, we can find our direction, taste calcium, keep our balance. Discover 23 or more

Prions, Virus and Electron Microscopes - Looking in all the Wrong Places

Did you know a virus is a dead remnant to something that was. Prions are so small you need an electron microscope to find them, and in all likelihood, all they leave behind are dead

Tiananmen Square Massacre - The Giant Leap Forward comes to a Stall - 1989

Noah's Ark - By Dr. Seuss

A flood where? In Babylon? During the Ice Melt? Probably both. But why are people finding Noah's ark everywhere, including the mountain tops.{{{PL201}}}

In times that are spurious we can learn what concepts others are slow to grasp based on the camps from which they came. No. Dr.Seuss never wrote a book on Noah, and Yes. Noah really did live upwards a few hundred years or more. Ark is short for Architecture. King James Bible, Noah's Ark, read it.

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Are the FDA Propagandists? Food and Drug Nutritional Labels

The FDA stands for Food and Drug administration and they have been sending us chemistry lessons for years. Propaganda is nothing more than propagating stuff. Some ingredients are required by law to be listed especially when known to be harmful, and some kept secret, such as natural and

The Power of Lard! (Keto/Whale Diet) Liposomal Tech to the Rescue

The Power of Lard! (Keto/Whale Diet) Liposomal Tech to the

Sudden Hearing Loss. Treatment with Piracetam

Sex was the only determined prognostic factor in this study. Females had a better

Auditory Brainstem Response in Gas Station Attendants

CONCLUSION: Exposure to fuels can cause alterations in the central hearing

Incense and Global Safety Nets - Smudging is closer to Smearing

Say no to drugs! But let's start importing incense, right? Kids are no longer smoking marijuana, but instead are turning to ancient alchemies to get high. Smudging is in such peril to being accurate indiginous history that we might as well start smearing tobacco all over each other. Next time you smoke something, remember what smearing truly

Mud/Clay Bathing

- The Clay (smedite) is a flocculent..that means it helps to release toxins from the

Salvia (Sage): Potential Cognitive-Enhancing, Protective Effects Review

In animal studies it has been confirmed that thujone can be neurotoxic by inhibiting the γ-aminobutyric acid A (GABAA)

Home Exposure to Arabian Incense (Bakhour)

Of the 2441 surveyed children, 15.4% had current

Acute effects of inhaling Oud incense on voice of Saudi adults

Measures of frequency variations, including jitter, shimmer, and noise-to-harmonic ratio all increased in both males and females following exposure to Oud incense

Strange radar images appeared over Air Force base. Is chaff to blame?

Youtube artists all over the internet think Virtual Reality is here now. In China, ghost cities and holographic cities in the sky are common place. Aliens are out boys and girls as it terrifies thousands.

Gold Nanoparticles in Chemotherapy - Gene Silencing

Gold has special properties where it picks up small vibrations that other deflection metals do not, thus when energy strikes gold particles, it supposedly amplifies it. It also ionizes into the air as invisible smoke when heated. These vibrations then break apart hard entrenched materials within the cancer. Beware! Some cancers are human tissue dissolved, so proper foods are needed to replace absent tissue.

Colloidal Silver : The DIY Method

Some People Swear by It and Others Die by It{{{PL213}}}

Gang nine volt batteries in series, place an anode and cathode in water and voila, you've got colloidal. Since the Baghdad battery, we've been electrolyzing metals, plating and otherwise learning the Rainbow that is electrochemistry. I do wonder if piezoelectrics come into play. Remember that battery chemistry is sometimes transferred to the anode/cathode as corrosion. Manufacturers often recommend using the same batteries to avoid chemical incompatibilities and catastrophes.

The Truther Girls Take on Colloidal Silver -

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The lonely grave of a child who died of AIDS

Since 1869, more than 800,000 paupers and unknowns have been buried on Hart Island. Through this interactive map we invite you to explore the island with all its stories. You can access individuals and their plot number burials at Hart

A New AIDS Mystery: Prostitutes Who Have Remained Immune

We all heard about the milk maids, right? The researchers estimated that each prostitute had unprotected sex with 60 to 70 infected clients a

How to use Google Search like a ProStar

Use the - minus symbol on words you don't want

Use the site: operator to restrict to a website or country.

Use the quotes for compound words

Use the internet archives and caches to find historical material

Use proxies to connect to the internet through another country

Add etymology to your search phrase and learn word history!

Use and

Italian National Emblem

Are Fake News Stories and Evolution Sciences Corruptible?

Creationism was once an acceptable methodology by which one combined historical truths with observable facts and faith, now we are entering the evolutionary sciences where small data sets can lead to corruptible conclusions. A new study explains how homosapiens get by with what some have called an "inborn metabolic error": an inability to produce vitamin C from

The Future of Farming in Canada is High Tech and Low Impact

Think alternative protein sources like insects, algae and

Birds, bees, and drones: The new face of Canadian

Antarctica wasn't always a frozen wasteland -- 250 million years ago, it was covered in forests and rivers, and the temperature rarely dipped below freezing. It was also home to diverse wildlife, including early relatives of the dinosaurs. Scientists have just discovered the newest member of that family -- an iguana-sized reptile whose name means "Antarctic king."

Activists Behind 'Fuck Parade' Explain the Attack on a London Cereal Café

We talked to two members of the anarchist group Class War why they hate the Cereal Killer Café so much and what they achieved, throwing paint at

Study shows Dogs can Accurately Sniff out Cancer in

Max Headroom, Network23 (TV Series), 23 Enigma

The French are wary on advertisements and in the French language, they are sometimes called warnings. American television is sometimes so amazing it never crosses the border. The 23 enigma is a strange one and it goes as far back as William S Burroughs, the man who once said, I can have a piece of Einstein's brain, whenever I want. He also shot his wife in the face.

Can you Spot the Fakes? YNC :: Brutal True to Life Gore and

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The Tower at Babylon - A Parallelogram or What?

Yes. Babylon was flooded and destroyed by a group some call the Persians, but why and what role do they have in language? Understand it may have been the other way around, and the tower was a multi level sunken city. The Bible is not only a way to speak to many at once, it also appeases old rivalries and preserves ancient history at the same time.

Why every Somalis in the World looks the Same and God loves you All,eh?

Harem, Haram, and am I a hare? How about inheritance, and other good stuffs? Muslim harem is forbidden law, and the traditional harem is a sex factory where the best genetics were introduced in mass to repopulate the masses.

It does not matter how slowly you go so long as you do not stop. - Confucius

Desert turns into oasis: Man plants 50,000 trees in 15 years in N China

Turning barren land on the edge of China's third largest desert into an

California Rocket Fuel - Bio-Pharm Technology

There is a population in the USA recognized as a blue zone, and it is rumoured that people in the area routinely live past 100 years due to a rocket fuel spill in the water supply. Why? The salt extracted from rocket fuel (bio-butanols) is an electrolyte that cures anxiety and promotes

Bio-Butanol :: The Clean Burning Bio-Pharmed Tech Giant

Bio-tech, Biopharming, Bio-Incubation, are all emerging industries that do one thing differently. Instead of building stuff, they let mother nature grow it. Robotic farms are already popping up across countries to grow food, and algae farms are pumping out things such as medicines, fuels, and foods.

'Barbarian' Hun Brides in Germany Confirmed by Ancient DNA Study

Archaeologists have long suspected that modified skulls in German burials belonged to the Huns. Now genetic evidence may confirm

Meet the Farmers of the Future: Robots

Angus and other robots are key to a new wave of local agriculture that aims to raise lettuce, basil and other produce in metropolitan areas while conserving water and sidestepping the high costs of human labour.Meet the Savvy Female Steve Jobs Who Lost Everything

Elizabeth Holmes became a Silicon Valley darling after persuading high-profile investors to back her blood-testing company,

23 and Me - DNA testing for the masses -

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Organizations representing Inuit in Nunavik and in the community of Kuujjuaq signed to build a 185-kilometre haul road south from Kuujjuaq to an open pit rare earths

Nuclear Batteries with Promethium-147 Radioactive Sources

Long-lived power supplies for remote and even hostile environmental conditions are needed for space and sea missions. Nuclear batteries can uniquely serve this role. In spite of relatively low power, the nuclear battery with packaging can have an energy density near a thousand watt-hours per kilogram, which is much greater than the best chemical

We Don't Mine Enough Rare Earth Metals to Replace Fossil Fuels With Renewable Energy

Rare earth metals are used in solar panels and wind turbines as well as electric cars and consumer electronics. We don't recycle them, and there's not enough to meet growing

What is H3O2 or EZ structured water?

In August of 2011, we discovered an Ionic Mineral Solution made from Black Mica, or Biotite. It turns out that it's not so simple as just drinking enough water. Biotite releases argon and enables argon dating for rocks.{{{PL246}}}

Jean-Baptiste Biot - 1851 - 77yrs old

Scientists Have Discovered A Fourth State Of Water

Removal of Microbeads from Wastewater Using Electrocoagulation

I haven't tried this yet, and I don't work in a patent office, but whoa, is this ever easy to do. Probably great to install into salmon farms lakes, and streams to attract healthier

This map marks (in black) the countries where acid attacks have been reported, many more go unreported. Acid attacks are most common in India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Cambodia, and Bangladesh. Families could not pay dowry. Many others suffer worse

Cryopreservation of Hematopoietic Stem Cells - 2007

Stem cell transplantation represents a critical approach for the treatment of many malignant and non-malignant diseases. The foundation for these approaches is the ability to cryopreserve marrow cells for future use. Standard approaches outlined here are used in many labs as the field continues to

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