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남자 ASMR - 안겨서 듣는 심장소리 / THE SOUND OF ONE'S HEART IN ONE'S ARMS / 롤플 [Eng sub] 19

남자 ASMR - 우리애기 하고싶었어? / Honey, did you want to do it? / 롤플 [Eng sub]

남자 ASMR - 우리 강아지 목욕할까? / My dog, Should I take a bath? / 롤플 [Eng sub]

Terry LeASMR

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Walking in the rain (ASMR)?

ASMR | #TappingSounds | #GumChewingRamble | #ASMRSoft SpokenRamble

ASMR| Up-Close Inaudible Whisper | Semi-Inaudible Whisper? | Gum Chewing? | Natural Hand Movements

monster asmr

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ASMR|Don't drink juice contaminated with parasites! Treatment of young girls with broken mouths

ASMR|Treatment of barmaids with infected piercing sites|Please be careful with skin piercings!

ASMR|Treating young girls attacked by sea creatures|Caution for intensive phobics|페이셜 트리트먼트 애니메이??