Jun 21st 2021 Popular Responses

Triggers are sounds and events, that stimulate sensory response in our brains. Sometimes quietness, repetition, patterns, silence, or movements are the source for responding sensations.

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Asmr Cherry Crush
Jim Asmr
Asmr Twodae
Softlygaloshes Asmr
Asmr Eliza
Busy B Asmr
Asmr Amy
Theonelilium Asmr
Heatheredeffect Asmr
Destiny Whispers
Humans have alot more than 5 senses. 23 or more! All shaped geo magnetically, electrically, gravitationally and sonically. How many ASM Responses do you get? Today I found out...
The Earth grows as the moon exerts tidal force into the core. Watch Pangea theory prove Growing Earth! Neal Adams - Science: 10 - Proof Positive! Earth Grows!
Five Rookies
Squish ASMR


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  1. Psychotronics
  2. Neuro Tronics
  3. Neuro Tropes
  4. Trike Tronics
  1. Is Cybertron Possible Or Is This Another Krypton?
  2. Drugs Drugs Drugs
  3. Flouride Kills
  4. Ultrasounds, Cymatics and Whispers
  5. Dolphin Basketball
Dolphin hydrosonics in CymaScope as telempathic shape in space.
By Silentlight87 - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, The Chongos remains have been found in Peru. Skull elongations. Stem cell labs are exceeding wild hollywood concepts. Sushi, chicken, endangered species horns, fur, brand new body parts and Immortalized Blood.
Science on ASMR :: a flow-like mental state
Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response
Nootropics neuroprotect, rejuvenate and neuroplastisize in the quest for longevity and virility. Centrophenoxine at Walmart increases lab mice lifespan 30%. Lab batched chloride found in plants, 1960s France.