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Θ Bosnian Pyramidal GeoMagnetic Rectifiers

Pyramidal GeoMagnetic Rectifier discovery at Visoko 71300, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Abstract - Dr. Slobodan Mizdrak registered the EM signal at 28 kHz at the top of The Bosnian Pyramid of The Sun (Visočica Hill) in April of 2011.

INTRODUCTION I hypothesize that the source of the registered EM signal of 28kHz is the VLF-atmospheric.

In etiological terms, late Middle English: from Old French regestre or medieval Latin regestrum, registrum, alteration of regestum, singular of late Latin regesta ‘things recorded,’ from regerere ‘enter, record.’

These records moved into a simulation by Hrvoje Zujić, Mr.E.Eng. University of Zagreb, Independent researcher, Member in Croatian Engineers Chamber, at, produce stunning insights into ancient architecture.
Figure 6. Distribution of the density of the atmospheric electricity around the pyramid

Dr, Slobodan Mizdrak using an ultrasound recorder discovered a signal in the Very Low Frequency range in the Earths atmosphere emitti…

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