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Good Question! No one really knows what A.S.M.R. is. Some call it a tingly sensation begining as far back as childhood while watching Bob Ross on public access television. Some say it's a spiritual sensation along the Chakra centers. Others simplify it as a relaxing experience perfect for winding down from a stressful days work. Whatever it is, A.S.M.R. is an acronymn for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response.

Ultrasounds, Cymatics and Whispers

EM frequencies are brain waves, infrasounds, pressure waves, quantas, and so on. Silence can sometimes bring about sensitivities to resonances found in natural VLF atmospherics. Here we provide as many possibilities that physics will allow. Check out asmr flyers and pages for immortal quests, psionics, history and science. PDFs Here

UltraSound Travels 3x Faster Through Ground Than Water or Air

Whales are not the only contenders for the loudest animals at +150 dB. Narwhals and Pistol shrimps, are famous for their intense "screams", producing a shock wave measured at 200 dB.ASMR BANSHEEASMR ULTRASOUNDBBC.COMNEWATLAS.COMAQUATIC SOUNDS Dolphin Cymatron Left: 1/24 second frame before human image appears. Center: Raw image, Right: Enhanced Image

Dolphin Hydrophone Recordings in CymaScopes

We observed the formation of transient wave patterns in video frames that clearly matched the shapes of the objects on which the dolphin echolocated, including a closed cell foam cube, a PVC cross, a plastic flowerpot, and a human subject. OMICSONLINE.ORGHOLOPHONIC ASMRHOLOPHONIC CYMATICS
Beluga Saying Hi Muffled conversations initially had researchers at a San Diego aquarium baffled, but when a diver thought he was told to get "out" of the water they realised the chatter was coming from a beluga whale.MUFFLED ASMRBELUGA ASMRNATURE.COM
Gentle Whispering Unicorn Horn

The Whisper Kids and Shadow People

You hear them sometimes when you are out. Before the ASMR community burst on the scene, there was the whisper community. Triggering You Gently ASMR Whisper Ear to Ear Brushing Trigger Words English Russian WHISPERINGSHADOW PEOPLE
Beluga Serenade

Mariachi Band and Flutist in Connecticut Serenades Beluga

Scientists have been trying to communicate with whales for years, but one mariachi band and a flute player prove music really is a universal language. What kind of music are belugas into? The video to the right suggests these Arctic animals have a thing for mariachi, a musical style born hundreds of miles away in MexicoMNN.COMASMR FLUTEASMR SERENADE
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This one has a little star. This one has a little car. Say! What a lot O' fish there are. Yes. Some are red. And some are blue. Some are old. And some are new. Some are sad. And some are glad. And some are very, very bad. Why are they Sad and glad and bad? I do not know. Go ask your dad. ASMR READING SEUSSFISHBOWL ASMRASMR SALMON

The War on Drugs Has Been Lost. AKA. We are all on Drugs.

Pepsi, Peptides, and SciFi, or is it? Coca Cola gave us the topical anaesthetic cocaine, and pepsi introduced in 1893 gave generations a new choice. The Dutch had the Nutmeg Wars, and the USA had prohibition. Noopept "unrelated" is an over the counter peptide that combines amino acids in ways where our genetic code no longer does. TRENDSASMR PEPSIASMR FIZZASMR DRUGS

Humans Have a Lot More than 5 Senses (correction: Mammals)

It turns out, there are at least nine senses and most researchers think there are more like twenty-one or so. Magnetoception, Proprioception, Thermoception, you name it! TODAYIFOUNDOUT.COMASMR QUANTUM TRIGGERSASMR SENSES TEST

Lorenzini Ampullae - Why Shark Fin Soup Tastes So Great!

Lorenzini Ampullae (sing. ampulla) are sensing organs called electroreceptors, forming a network of jelly-filled pores. Please! Eat the whole shark. WIKIPAEDIA.ORG

Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR): a flow-like mental state

This study identifies several common triggers used to achieve ASMR, including whispering, personal attention, crisp sounds and slow movements.LIQUID HANDSHAND RELAXATIONNCIB.NLM.NIH.GOVASMR FLOWASMR CRISPASMR HANDS

How to Make Water :: Hydrogen + Oxygen + Sprite Lighning = H20

Ever hear a tesla coil touchdown? Listen carefully as a physics teacher demonstrates how a spark, and some hydrogen combines with oxygen to produce water and thunder. Scale this process up and understand that the Nasa Fermi mission found anti matter signatures from terrestrial gamma ray flashes in storm clouds producing space bound lightning.PHYSICS TEACHERSPRITE LIGHTINGSCIENCE DAILY
Orka Spine
FLOURIDEALERT.ORGHERO ASMRThink Flouride is bad? Got a bad back? Been dipped in an acid bath? Mad as hell and next upto bat? The whale to the left has dorsal fin collapse. Excessive ingestion of fluoride can cause osteomalacia that closely MIMIC osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.ASMR TEETHNCBI.NLM.NIH.GOV
BPD The One Lillium

Mental Health Awareness Month: My Borderline Story *TRIGGERING*

Selfharm, eating disorders, suicide attempts, cutting, multiple personality disorders, and borderline personality disorders. ASMR creators have struggled with these things too. If you aren't on the lithium orotate yet, then this is for you.THEONELILIUM

Fatty Organs are Organs that Stop Working

Many mammals have fatty thymus disease. Some marine mammals in their natural habitat lack atrophy in the thymus gland. Mammals adapted to eating trees are beavers. Beavers eat Valerian root, thus it's secretions became a popular cure for harmful diseases. Thus castoreum became a remedy. When the world ramped up castoreum production, they named a plant "Castor" and sold that, and proscribed valproic acid instead. Castor Oil is now unfit for consumption. Hypothesis :: We evolved to eat land plants, thus we ate all the nasty incompatible chemicals associated with plants, and plastics. PLANTS, PLASTIC, same prefix. Answer :: Lineolic Oils, Ricinoleic Oils, Valproic Acids, ect. But let's reduce the linoleum intake and clean up the oceans, right?NCBI.NLM.NIH.GOVNOOB SURGEON ASMR
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Yale Neuroscientist Keeps Pigs Brains Alive Outside Body (Autonomously)

NEW HAVEN A Yale School of Medicine neuroscientist has succeeded in keeping brains from severed heads of pigs alive for up to 36 hours. The brain is not conscious, he said.ASMR MINI PIGASMR GLASSBBC.COMNHREGISTER.COM
lampshærift Whisper Lampshade RIFT

The Nightshades - Mandrake Root

No, it isn't called the middle ages. It 's called the medævil period, for a reason. See that æ symbol? It's a little plant, remember that, and the medævil period was all about the nightshades. Dark Knight. Knight. Night. Darkness envelops your dreams.DIAGNOSISDIET.COMWITCHMANDRAKE

Details of Golden Dawn's Activities Revealed by Former Member

The former member said she was in the offices of the party when Nikos Mihos, former Golden Dawn MP, cancelled a slaughtering class where he showed other members of the party how to use a knife to find arteries.EURONEWS.COMNEW DAWN ASMR

Little Man in a bottle - Homunuculus - Genies in Bottles

'Would you like to make a Mandragora, as powerful as the homunculus (little man in a bottle) so praised by Paracelsus? Then find a root of the plant called bryony. Take it out of the ground on a Monday (the day of the moon), a little time after the vernal equinox. Cut off the ends of the root and bury it at night in some country churchyard in a dead man's grave. For 30 days, water it with cow's milk in which three bats have been drowned. When the 31st day arrives, take out the root in the middle of the night and dry it in an oven heated with branches of verbena; then wrap it up in a piece of a dead man's winding-sheet and carry it with you everywhere.'VAMZZZ.COMASMR BOWLS
Dutch Painter Van Gogh Self Portrait

You 'R' the Seas - Spell it out - Seas Are - Caesar

Julius Caesar commanded legions and was struck down with somatic seizures. The vagabond Dutch painter Van Gogh died applying a medaevil cure for his seizures while in an insane asylum. Epilepsy has been with us through both the dark ages and the age to enlightenment. These episodes can result in physical injuries. In epilepsy, seizures tend to recur and, as a rule, have no immediate cause.VAN GOGH WHISPERSASMR CEASER

Neuroprotection by Melatonin - P Giusti, M Liparttiti, D Franceschini, N Schiavo, M Floreani, and H Manev

Our results suggest that melatonin holds potential for the treatment of pathologies such as epilepsy-associated brain damage, stroke, and brain trauma.FASEBJ.ORGASMR MELATONIN
Dolmen Pyramid

Does this Dolmen Pyramid Face Cardinal Directions?

When a pyramid faces north south east and west it has a tendency to rectify the geomagnetic atmosphere into a sound tunnel. Does it ever look like a whale brain could fit in there. You decide.ASMR PYRAMIDMEGALITHIC

The Oldest People On The Planet Might Be Whales

Oldest whale was 211 years old at the time of its death. Bada is a geochemist who uses a method of determining the age of living things by changes in levels of aspartic acid, an amino acid in the eye lens and teeth.PLASTIC OCEAN ASMRGI.ALASKA.EDU


Now featured in the greatest documentary series ever! Nootropics are so popular they are catching the attention from FDA trials upto 40 years or more after their proliferation. A Google executive takes 100 nootropics a day to enhance his longevity.HISTORY.CO.UKNOOTROPICSABDUCTIONHOW TO / DIY


There's a Jesus in Florida, a Black Jesus, a White Jesus and even a Jesus in Mexico. All throughout history people have died on the cross, and risen once again as a hologram. Every Winter Solstice. Remember that next time you eat the body and drink Christ's blood in church.SUN GOD ASMRSCIENCEGODS SUNACHARYA S

Etymologically, When Did Free Speech Become an Issue?

Free speech in Britain was used of a privilege in Parliament since the time of Henry VIII. In U.S., in reference to civil rights, it becamesku a prominent phrase in the debates over the Gag Rule (1836)ETYMONLINE.COMANTI-AMERICAN DREAM
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Freaks - The 1932 Genetically Significant Movie

Schlitzie (alternatively spelled Schlitze or Shlitze; (September 10, 1901 September 24, 1971), possibly born Simon Metz and legally Schlitze Surtees, was an American sideshow performer, best known for his role in the 1932 movie Freaks. His lifelong career on the outdoor entertainment circuit as a major sideshow attraction with Barnum & Bailey, among others, made him a popular cultural icon.ASMR FREAK SHOWASMR HEREDITYASMR SEASAME STREET

Why Big Brother Resulted In Attacks on the Ocean, and Why It Was Wrong.

Earth's surface is 71% water, while the rest is land mass that contains vast underground caverns and waterways. Estimations indicate there should be over 6000 cenotes in Yucatán peninsula alone. While it cannot be proven that Big Brother was anything more than an insignificant surveillance phenomenon to many, it needs to be known that the cold war came into view with nuclear testing deployments across the oceans. This biased attacks towards environmental open spaces, largely ignoring vast underground reservoirs and underworld cavern complexes.WIKIPAEDIA.ORGASMR FIREWATCH

Interviewing Water-Dowsers

Farmers suspected I was a communist ... Indians were convinced my purpose was to gather information on jealously guarded religious secrets discover why this pseudo scientific or magical practice persists.UCHICAGO.EDUDOWSING ASMR

The Science Is In: God Is The Answer

Research shows kids raised with spirituality are happier and healthier in the vulnerable teen years. Why aren't we all signing up?MACCLEANSGOD 2 ASMRGOD 1 ASMR

Angles, Anglos, Angeles, Angels and the English

The Angles (Latin: Angli) were one of the main Germanic peoples who settled in Great Britain in the post-Roman period. They founded several of the kingdoms of Anglo-Saxon England. The name is the root to the name England.WIKIPÆDIAASMR ENGLISH

Happiness Machines - Documentary

Sigmund Freud and his American nephew, Edward Bernays. Bernays invented the public relations profession in the 1920s and was the first person to take Freud's ideas to manipulate the masses.HAPPINESS MACHINESASMR PSYCHOLOGISTASMR THERAPIST

Victims of Communism Could be Coming Next Spring

After years of controversy and delay, NCC could grant final approval next monthCBC.CAASMR BRASSWIKIPAEDIAASMR BOLSHEVIK SOUNDS

The Secret History Silicon Valley - Documentary

The world was forever changed when the Defense Department, CIA and the National Security Agency acted like today's venture capitalists funding this first wave of entrepreneurship.ASMR SECRET HISTORYASMR MILITARYASMR FBI

Canada's No.1 Satellite is Called Alouette - Ionic Surveyor

When Canada launched Alouette on September 29, 1962, Canada became the third country in the world to have a satellite in orbit, after the Soviet Union and the United States. As satellites continue to crash and burn, this solo project is projected to survive 1,000 years.SPACISM.ORGASMR CYBORGASMR SURVEYASMR SCI-FI
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In Canada, more than 200,000 wells have been fracked for shale gas or oil, primarily in the western provinces. Hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, is a technique that involves blasting a mixture of water, chemicals and sand into a well to break apart the rock formations and release previously inaccessible oil and natural gas deposits. Most fracking today is done in conjunction with horizontal drilling. Canadian new wells and oil are 80% fracking operations.THENARWHAL.CAEARTHQUAKE ASMR
Mercury Amalgams

Mercury Silver Amalgams Steel Your Consciousness

The image to the left shows a mercury silver amalgam tooth that has been rubbed against a UV wavelength backdrop allowing one to see the nano particles cloud into smoke. The mercury substance is the most toxic non radioactive material known to man, while silver is reknowned throughout history for it's superior electrics. Silver is known to cure people from many ailments in the collodial form. Could these silver nano particles be responsible for neuro regeneration and could these mercury particles be responsible for your ailments? I had 20+, now I choose to keep only one.FDA.GOVASMR WEREWOLF

Cilantro: More Than An Herb, It Can Purify Water, and Chelate Heavy Metals

After testing various samples of plants, researchers determined that cilantro is the most prevalent and powerful bio absorbent local plant. While too much has a negative effect on the liver, herbs are powerful chelators.TIME.COMPHUC AN ASMR

Cymatic Soundscapes - ASMR

These experiments were performed by Hans Jenny in the 1960s. Oddly enough the soundwaves produce a pattern reminiscent to the solar magnetic sun spot phenomenon. Wave theory, visualized. Can you figure it out?CYMATIC SOUNDSCAPESASMR CYMATICS

Photoacoustic Gold Nanoparticles (Gold Earrings Improve a Pirate's Vision)

A laser beam listens in to ultrasound vibrations that Gold picks up. Sounds are magnitude orders smaller that what we can detect without. Livescience investigates pirates.ASMR GOLDNCBI.NLM.NIHLIVESCIENCE.COMEAR EATING

Elephants Brains are Smaller Than Some Whales and 3x Human Size

Elephants can hear a tsunami coming miles away. They experience many same emotions as people do. Elephants express sadness, joy, love, jealousy, fury, grief, compassion and distress.ELEPHANTSFOREVER.CO.ZAISOCHRONIC ELEPHANTS

Juvenile Dolphins - Grief, Anger, Suffering - More Than Meets The Eye

The team watched intently as the living dolphin made attempts to turn over, move, and push up the body of its lifeless companion; as if attempting to give it's friend one more chance to breathe. The dolphin continued to swim in circles around the body, desperately trying to flip it over, repeating this behavior over and over again. When the crew returned to shore they examined the photographs taken at the scene. The researchers discovered common indicators of grief in the eyes of the dolphin.ASMR DOLPHINSSEETHEWILD.ORGTRANSFORMER ASMRDOLPHIN ASMR
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Artificial Cranial Deformation 50,000 Years Ago In Neanderthal Caves

Some people did it for fashion, so they say. Others did it for power and prestige. There is no doubt elongated skulls were hidden by large pointy hats. It may have began 50,000 years ago with Neaderthal.ASMR SKULL TAPPINGUCHICAGO.EDU

Why Am I Denisovan?

According to one theory, Neanderthals, Denisovans, and modern humans are all descended from the ancient human Homo heidelbergensis. Between 300,000 to 400,000 years ago, an ancestral group of H. heidelbergensis left Africa and then split shortly after.LARGE VIEWDENISOVANNEANDERTHAL ASMRCNN.COMNATGEO.COM

5,000 year-old underground city discovered in Turkey :: DISCOVERED 2014

Hasan nver, the mayor of the city on those outskirts the discovery was found, said other underground cities were nothing more than a 'kitchen' compared to the newly uncovered settlement.INDEPENDENT.CO.UKASMR UNDERGROUNDASMR DEMON
Horton Hears a Who

Scientists Clone Embryos To Make Stem Cells

The accomplishment is a long-sought step toward harnessing the potential power of embryonic stem cells to treat many human diseases. But the work also raises a host of ethical concerns.NPR.ORGASMR EGGASMR STEM CELLS

Fact or Fiction?: Elephants Never Forget

Elephants do not have the greatest eyesight in the animal kingdom, but they never forget a face.ASMR ELEPHANTSASMR MEM TESTSCIENTIFICAMERICAN.COM

Brains Removed in Full From Mummies

Some say mummies brains were removed trhough the nose, however Prof. Alexander Macalister, says twice the brain had been removed through the orbit (eye socket). The image to the right shows a recently discovered South American Youth with an elongated skull that is cracked open at the orbits and across the nasal cavity, leaving enough room for total intact brain removal. Was this mummies brain eaten? Perhaps this is the first human immortality experiment.ARCHIVE.ORGASMR BRAIN EATINGASMR BRAIN SUCKINGASMR SUCKS BRAIN

Carbonated Water - The Carbon Lifeform Purifier

We are carbon based lifeforms, and during times where extreme toxic environments leave us thirsty, a carbon fueled beverage can keep us hydrated and move waste out.SODAKING.CO.ZAASMR FIZZASMR ICE
Lilith Babylon

The French Call it Frisson, Everyone else calls it Autonomous

The book T.A.Z. (Temporary Autonomous Zone) describes the tactic of creating temporary spaces that elude formal structures of control. The essay uses various examples from history and philosophy, all of which suggest that the best way to create a non-hierarchical system of social relationships is to concentrate on the present and on releasing one's own mind from the controlling mechanisms imposed on it.THEANARCHISTLIBRARY.ORGPETER LAMBORN WILSONASMR READINGASMR FRENCH TEACHINGASMR ANARCHY
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