Valeriya Asmr

Valeriya ASMR

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Last Update (05/2022)

Dive In My Asmr  Why Is My Asmr So Special

Dive in my ASMR ? Why is my ASMR so special?

Shorts One Minute Asmr

#shorts ONE MINUTE ASMR ⏰?

Asmr Youre Too Thorny  Cleaning And Trimming Your Bush  Rose-play

ASMR You’re too thorny ? Cleaning and trimming your bush ? rose-play ?

Asmr Emcee


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Last Update (04/2022)

Asmr Unpredictable Ear To Ear Personal Attention For Goosebumps

ASMR Unpredictable Ear to Ear Personal Attention for GOOSEBUMPS!

Asmr Ear To Ear Ear Eating  Deep Cupped Whispers For Sleep With Homemade Binaural Mic

ASMR Ear to Ear Ear Eating & Deep Cupped Whispers for Sleep (with homemade Binaural Mic!)

 Chance Of Sleep With This Tingly Invisible Scratching  Raking Asmr

99.9% Chance of SLEEP with this TINGLY Invisible Scratching & Raking ASMR

Asmr Monster


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Last Update (06/2022)

Asmr  Amc Space Ape  Diamond Hands

ASMR : AMC Space Ape | Diamond Hands.

Asmr  Mind Massage  Soft Rubs And Muffled Attention

ASMR : Mind Massage | Soft Rubs and Muffled Attention

Asmr  Tapping Squeaky Latex  Flames Crackles And Pops

ASMR : Tapping Squeaky Latex | Flames Crackles and Pops

Sally Moon Asmr

Sally Moon ASMR

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Last Update (10/2021)

    Asmr Care Video

АСМР Уходовое Видео ~_~ ASMR Care Video

       Asmr Aura Cleansing  Reiki

АСМР | Чистка Ауры | Рейки ~_~ ASMR Aura Cleansing | Reiki

        Asmr Mouth Sounds   Sleep

АСМР Звуки Рта | 100% Сон Гарантирован ~_~ ASMR Mouth Sounds | 100% Sleep

Asmr Azlin

ASMR Azlin

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Last Update (12/2021)

K Butterflies  Tiktok Asmr Live Stream

5K Butterflies ?✨ TikTok ASMR Live Stream (10/03/2021)

Guess The Invisible Trigger  Layered Sounds

Guess the invisible trigger ? (layered sounds)

Asmr - Pulling Out Your Negative Energies And Eating Them

ASMR - Pulling out your negative energies and eating them ??