Basic ASMR

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Hey ASMR lovers and the ASMR curious looking for their first tingle, are you looking for the hidden gem of ASMR? Then look no further ? My name is Carl and I just wanted to say "welcome to Basic ASMR". If you subscribe, I will provide original, relax


Jack The Brit
Mar 2023
Jack the Brit
I randomly remembered this channel . Sad to see your gone. Hope everything is okay dude
Jan 2023
I wonder if he will ever come back
Jordan Evans
Dec 2022
Jordan Evans
Keep coming back to this vid, definitely a favouriteHope you're doing well, whatever you're doing ?
Skudo Pludo
Jul 2022
Skudo Pludo
Man I miss this guy, I hope he’s alright
Bubba Juice
May 2022
Bubba Juice
Come back please!!
Obi-wan Kenobi
Mar 2021
Obi-Wan Kenobi
What happened man?
Abc Def
Dec 2020
There should be 96 chocolates put in every small box of Quality Street, 12 different sweets, and eight of each.
Jun 2020
Miss ya, dude! Hope you're doing well!!!!
Jun 2020
karma 56786
I forgot about this guy he has been gone for a while he has potential so it would be nice seeing him back one day
Skudo Pludo
Jun 2020
Skudo Pludo
Hey dude, just checking your okay and Everything’s going well, u alright?