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ASMR ✨That Girl✨ Summer Favs & Must Haves

ASMR - Life Update Whisper Ramble ✨?

ASMR - Apartment/Neighborhood Gossip | Whisper Ramble to Help You Sleep ?

Crispy Princess ASMR

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ASMR Christmas Book Page Turning, Tracing Words & Pictures ? Vintage Greeting Cards Tapping ✨Whisper

ASMR Compilation ? Book Covers / Spine Tapping & Scratching & Gripping Page Flipping ? My Old Videos

ASMR Vogue Magazine Flip through ? Celebrities Face Tracing & Brushing ? No Talking

Melange ASMR

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ASMR Los Angeles (some history & map tracing, soft spoken)

ASMR auf Deutsch: Eine Karte von Mittelerde

ASMR A Map of Middle Earth (soft spoken)