ASMR Sloth

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Im just an ASMR enthusiast who loves ASMR and want to create some content for you all to hopefully enjoy. Collabs and inquiries:


Feb 2024
Feb 2024
Feb 2024
I don’t even play video games, and I absolutely loved this! ❤
Feb 2024
Im normally not a huge fan of game play asmr but your voice is so perfectly suited for asmr that I’d watch/listen to you do pretty much anything
Feb 2024
I had 375 hours of played time on this game, it was a huge part of my younger years. So many memories and epic battles; Great Video Man!
Feb 2024
do we have a twitch channel
Feb 2024
I'm so glad you made this and hope you make more! I normally don't care for gameplay asmr, but this combination is perfect.
Feb 2024
Good job??????
Feb 2024
When I saw the community post I didn't know what you had up your sleeve, but maaaan. Gaming + ASMR is always such a great combo, also a long video to chill to, amazing!
Feb 2024
Yoooo this kinda stuff is right up my alley Glenn (the profile picture of Terra might be a giveaway lol)! Just when you think you couldn't be more awesome! You're the BEST! ??