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ASMR - Astronomy book reading

ASMR - Astronomy book reading

published :: 17/10/11
Hello people ! Interested in learning more about the universe ? In this video, I present you this astronomy book I've had for some years now : Catalogue of the ...
Nikki Chancey
I’m always so impressed when people can translate one language to another easily. Like, I can understand and speak French but when someone asks me to translate I freeze up and suddenly speak no languages at all lol
J'aime bien ta manière de faire de l'asmr, ta voix est faite pour ce domaine
Victor Sylvestre
J’aime bien ces vidéos elles sont intéressantes et originales
Robert Hazen
I did take French for 3 year in high school here in USA. I traveled to France twice and attempted to speak french and usually people would answer me in English. Very nice video, i love the french language
Charlie Guidry
Awesome video. Merci!
Lindsay Lively
Love your whispering voice ! ❤️
postmodern loser
This is great! I'm currently learning Spanish, but French is the next language I'm going to learn. It's cool how some words are quite similar to ones in Spanish. Thanks for another relaxing video ✌
Justin Tomlinson
Woot woot fam!
mr. cuddles
Great video 😴😘
Yeahnice asmr
Really lovely accent french is a very relaxing language. I enjoyed it thanks
Wow this is a great idea. Thank you very much, you sweet angel.
Thanks for this video :)
João de Melo
The rare case where i voluntarily click the bell button.
Ajinkya Naik
perfect video for lockdown day-2.
thomas bedreni
La rose tremiere est une plante de la famille des malvacées (guimauve, mauve...), mais n'est pas une rose. la rose est un arbuste de la famille des rosacées (pommier, cerisiers, eglantier....) I love this flower too, Thank you sweet one ! I
Rex Racer
Shades of 1st year French class: “Bonjour tout le monde! Écoute et répète: Laure Broussard est à la plage.” 🤣 Thank you/merci, BTM!
toi qui veut faire des croissants maison, voici un super recette expliqué par un super prof, amuse toi bien :
Eşref Malik Böce
I noticed that the word "Peluş" in Turkish comes from French. They are exactly the same. Peluş (Turkish) Peluche (French)
Anthony Peppers
Very relaxing to listen to. You have very pretty brown eyes as well! Thank you for the lesson AND the tingles!
Deborah Meltrozo
Ça serait parfait si tu puisses faire une serie de lessons plus ou moins serieux
Onyx E
Merci professeur :) Continue tu es géniale
Thank you so much for doing this video! I love it! My French has been slipping so it’s good to refresh, especially with a voice I know!
steven davies
Thanks I need to brush up on some French.
Noah Dįįm'søøn
It seems like such an obvious idea, I'm surprised you haven't done one before. But it's really great. Your English is very good too, not at all 'clumsy', and way better than my French. Thank you for this.
Super comme leçon relaxante. Si jamais ça peux être comme ça aux écoles :). Ici au Québec on dit au coiffeur :. " Peux-tu me faire mon toupet". :P
Dave Dogge
I could write "J'aime apple'. yes you saw that right with the 'apple'.
Illustrator 1106
X-files poster, 👍🏻👍🏻
Excellent video. I've been a fan for a long time now. France looks like it has many serious problems, not least this China virus, I hope you are safe.
Toni Tate
Great vid. Much love and stay safe.🌹💓✨
It's sad that I've lost all my french from school. I could listen to the language all day.
The Raul Guerrero G
This Is perfect to watch at work!
Chriswhitt 66
Hi, Loving your channel and work. Hope you are well.
Hanish Sutaria
Quelle vidéo de voir! Je viens juste de finir mes études en français pour ce jour, maintenant je vais regarder votre belle vidéo :)
Mark H
The silver lining to the quarantine... All our favourite creators are stuck at home with nothing else to do 😁
Jesus I could hear you for centuries
Charles Vo
Wonderful video. French is such a unique language.
Harshal Patel
I was going to sleep and suddenly i got your notification 😃
Timmels Weber
Thanks for this video. I can read French but I hardly understand a word when it is spoken.
I went to France on a school trip and said to a woman on the market stall "je me'apple le pomme de terre" she laughed
This was great. :) How did you get such good English? Did you study abroad somewhere?
David Wise
Mon cheri, you say some English words perfectly. You may lose that wonderful French accent one day.
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