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Oct 2023
Ok I need to eat some textured chocolate now ?
Asmr Ellas
Oct 2023
Love this 5:42
Oct 2023
Виктория Суворова
а че так быстро
Caroline Mill
Oct 2023
Caroline Mill
9:37 8:03 4:585:13
Cvetkovi Milica
Oct 2023
Cvetković Milica
I just hope this chocolate didnt go to trash after this video...
Oct 2023
I absolutely love the crinkly paper and the hair play ??
Asmr Dark Purple
Oct 2023
ASMR Dark Purple
chocolate scratching is so good ????
Minh Khu Phm
Oct 2023
Minh Khuê Phạm
9:17 , 10:50 and 11:58 Omg im madly inlove these sound
Cidul Asmr
Oct 2023
cidul asmr
Wooow ilove asmr chocolate ???❤❤❤❤
Samantha Sa
Oct 2023
Samantha sa
Look I love this asmr but the fact that ur hand got sticky through out the whole video gives me anxiety for som reason??