ASMR / Gentle Triggers While Rambling

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Welcome to your Safe Space! On this channel, you will find relaxation and sleep triggers, role-plays and personal attention, whispered rambles, affirmations and meditations, and anything along the realm of relaxation! Schedule: Sundays & Wednesdays at 6pm

In this video, Im going to be doing gentle triggers while rambling to help you relax and fall asleep. Enjoy :) This video is intended to help with stress, anxiety, overthinking, overwhelm, relaxation, insomnia, and sleep. Triggers include water globes and


Mar 2024
Mar 2024
So relaxing aand tingly I'm so obsessed ! ✨✨???
Mar 2024
your hairplay and measuring videos always make it on to my asmr playlist. I cannot fall asleep without asmr at this point and you are amoung the best out there in my opinion. thankyou so much for helping this insomniac mom get some sleep ?
Mar 2024
i ended up getting sick even though i JUST got over a cold about a month ago. i feel rough, and i spent the whole weekend sleeping. your videos have helped me, so i appreciate you ❣️❣️
Mar 2024
Mar 2024
Love ur content, gorgeous??
Mar 2024
Love if you did a video with brown noise in the background
Mar 2024
Top 3:2, 5 and 7
Mar 2024
Sticky balls & hand massager
Mar 2024
Can you do a video About the eye or ear test Because I love them so much, And make me comfortable and sleep easily, Please??