ASMR 4k Up-Close Personal Attention (Positive Affirmations, Face Scooping, Tongue Clicks)

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Hello my Sound Soulmates! Thank you so much for being here. I hope this can be a place for relaxation, peace and silliness. Take care of yourself.

Hello my Sound Soulmates! It felt time for another #ASMR personal attention video with a variety of up close triggers like face touching, face scooping, tongue clicks, face pats and positive affirmations! Socials: Twitch LIVE #ASMR (Sunday/Tuesday): http


Jun 2024
The hand movement part around 1 hr 35 mins -- PLEASE do a whole video just on that!!!!!!!!!!!!That is nuclear asmr
Jun 2024
Video friend a sister artist wihsper asmer very amazing a comfort mentally a storys very sweety a coolshwo screen
Jun 2024
U think u can do a 1hr sleep sounds little bit of talking here n there soft words like how u would a baby.?? would love that!!! Please ❤❤
Jun 2024
I came 5 times
Jun 2024
Disappointed that I missed the stream.
Jun 2024
Yeah ima need an hour long video of just that
Jun 2024
auto thumbnail is doing you so dirty ?
Jun 2024
lmao the thumbnail is mfw i watch a slight video
Jun 2024
Thumbnail got me like ???
Jun 2024
The best content ever ❤❤❤