Sunrise ASMR

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I’m here to make you sleepy and get those Zzzzzzz’s ?


Jul 2024
Your magazine tracing vids are always the best ?
Jul 2024
i’d love a part 2! your tracing videos are some of my favorites :)
Jul 2024
i love your asmr, please don’t ever stop??
Jul 2024
This is so perfect you’re the best omgg
Jul 2024
? YAY!!! The video I requested is finally here ??? I’m a little busy right now but I will totally make sure to watch the full thing and comment again later! I’m so happy ???
Jul 2024
I’m a huge fan of Halsey which drew me to this video!! She’s my favorite woman singer ❤️ I love your voice/accent!! Will def check out more of your channel! You’re a natural! So soothing!! ??Edit: yes this is Halseys first and only kid! She
Jul 2024
7:41 - I thought it was an owl sound too. But I'm no ornithologist ?
Jul 2024
Jul 2024
i love this video so much !! i also have a question, what happened to your "singing/humming the numbers" video? it was my favorite bc it's such an underrated trigger :,) and i would love to see more of it tbh
Jul 2024
Why we can't see you? ?