ASMR| You Said, Ask Me Again

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Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, ASMR is a tingling sensation that starts at the scalp and moves down the back of the neck and upper spine. ASMR can be a combination of positive feelings, relaxation and euphoria. It is triggered by auditory and or vis

Welcome: Thank you for watching my channel. This video ‘You Said, Ask Me Again’ will help you reminisce on those questions that you wanted your mate, companion, friend, and lover to ask you again. These trigger questions will bring about tingly memor


Awesam Asmr
Apr 2022
I’ve got sweet dreams, thanks to you :)
Tinglespot Asmr
Mar 2022
Tinglespot ASMR
Awesome video! Thank you for sharing!
Paul Mason
Mar 2022
paul mason
You definitely have the followers attention and here’s the Keynote: you’re awesome
Eating Zone
Mar 2022
Wonderful upload……wish you good luck for your upcoming ventures……always beside you, dear friend...……
Mar 2022
Hi tess!! I I really want to thank u for doing this wonderful tingly video , i have been re-watched your videos! And when i saw The notification that u post a new video i was screaming !!! Please post more if u have time we miss u always <3 and remember
The Ambience Of Dreams
Mar 2022
The Ambience of Dreams
Amazing sounds! Enjoyed watching ?✨✨
Mar 2022
Always mesmerizing
Anay Asmr
Mar 2022
What a super cute idea, this made me feel so loved and special. You seem like you would be a great person to know in real life ?
Zacky Y
Mar 2022
Zacky Y
Hi there
Asmr Ralph Iskander
Mar 2022
Hello ? Tess! I am getting from your videos positive energy always! ?