Velvet Whisper

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Hey everyone! My name is Victoria and this is a channel dedicated to ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response). Here's a link that further explains what ASMR is in case you're unfamiliar:


James Tucker
Jul 2023
James Tucker
Don't bother wasting time or money on makeup dear, you don't need it.
Feb 2023
Ooooh ! TV Guide ! This is the South Carolina edition from back in the day.
Ai Forgive Us
Sep 2022
i hope u r ok! you inspired me to be great and get a six pack because i think u are the most beautiful girl alive and i always wanted u! i had a dream while falling asleep to u! we were in love and hugging so happy
Reinaldo Alcaino
Apr 2022
Reinaldo Alcaino
Wow , u r beautyfull!!
Blossom Oconnell
Apr 2022
Blossom O'Connell
Nearly 4 years later & your whispers still get me!! ? Hope you’re keeping well x
Elsie Estrada
Mar 2022
Elsie Estrada
I miss your videos so much! Hope you come back❤️
Jessica B
Oct 2021
Jessica B
Come back !!
Eduardo Gngora
Sep 2021
Eduardo Góngora
Hey, we all wonder are You ok?
Jul 2021
Love everything about this video ? Beautiful woman, beautiful voice, beautiful set of vintage cards ?
Grand Runic
Jun 2021
Grand Runic
For anyone wondering she graduated Law School back in May so now she’s a Juris Doctor, safe to say she’s living her best life happy.Update, she’s almost a lawyer with a little bit more work!