ASMR Pure Tingly Scratching | Lots of Scratching Triggers ✨ (No Talking)

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Hello and welcome to my ASMR channel ?! I'm making mostly no talking asmr videos?. My favorite triggers are pretty much everything on mic so I do a lot of mic scratching and mic brushing videos etc.

Hello everyone! This video includes lots of tingly scratching triggers! I know that many of you like scratching sounds so I wanted to dedicate this video only for it! I hope you enjoy! Please subscribe to my channel if you like my content? Ways to sup


Nov 2023
These are great. Thanks for using good microphones ?
Nov 2023
How come ASMR Whale doesn't have 1 million subscribers?? She's literally been doing amazing asmr videos for years! I absolutely love your channel <3
Nov 2023
Loved the trigger with the two puff balls
Nov 2023
Love this mic sound! So dry and crispy ❤️‍?
Nov 2023
The blue thing and the trigger after that one are amazing. Loved the scratching sound on the other side of the microphone with each new item.
Nov 2023
triggers are indeed deliciouus
Nov 2023
C’est bien mais si vous mettez encore des publicités pendant vos vidéos je vais être obligé de me désabonner. Une au début d’accord mais pas pendant la vidéo !
Nov 2023
This was so delightful, thank you! ?❤
Nov 2023
So Nice ?
Nov 2023
The sound of the wind !