ASMR Mic Rubbing with Fabrics (No Talking)

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Hello and welcome to my ASMR channel ?! I'm making mostly no talking asmr videos?. My favorite triggers are pretty much everything on mic so I do a lot of mic scratching and mic brushing videos etc.

Hello everyone! This video includes mic rubbing with different fabrics over mic. I hope you like it! Please subscribe to my channel if you like my content? Ways to support me: ♥ Watching, liking and commenting on my videos ? ♥ Buy me a coffee:


Nov 2023
Take time for yourself <3 I'll be watching your videos, even if you'll upload them once a week. Burning out from your hobby will be so sad, for you and us tooThank you for asmr! ^^
Nov 2023
Nov 2023
It just sounds windy
Oct 2023
hey we need daily uploads...
Oct 2023
Your voice is so beautiful, I want to follow your voice, wow, more than amazing, amazing. I want to follow all of your instructions to the letter. Your voice is charming, I like to follow the movement of the hand so much yes the movement of your hands Asmr
Oct 2023
Ooh this is a really good one. <3
Oct 2023
perfect 7:00
Oct 2023
So tingly ?? thank you
Oct 2023
Basic triggers, but they never get old! I need a nap now ?
Oct 2023
Tingly ?