ASMR Mic Rubbing with Fabrics (No Talking)

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Hello and welcome to my ASMR channel ?! I'm making mostly no talking asmr videos?. My favorite triggers are pretty much everything on mic so I do a lot of mic scratching and mic brushing videos etc.

Hello everyone! This video includes mic rubbing with different fabrics over mic. I hope you like it! Please subscribe to my channel if you like my content? Ways to support me: ♥ Watching, liking and commenting on my videos ? ♥ Buy me a coffee:


Nov 2023
I love your channel so much!! But- don't feel like you must do it, things are at their best when you enjoy them, enjoy whatever you're doing and make videos whenever you want! I'd honestly would miss your videos if you stop uploading at all- so
Nov 2023
Take time for yourself and take breaks if you need to! I don’t mind less videos, just post whenever you want to post, and I’ll still watch every single one ?
Nov 2023
Your vids are amazing. This gave me full body tingles. My fav was the pink plastic bottle ❤❤❤. Take all the breaks you need. Do what's best for you. But I do hope you'll still do these vids when you can.❤❤❤❤
Nov 2023
1:183:574:52?6:239:2711:58?❤️‍?Faves ❤
Nov 2023
Why don't you try doing one video every 10 days or something like that? Give yourself more time to breathe xx
Nov 2023
ℹ️Time stampsℹ️0:00 ---> 1:17 : Pink mittens on the mic1:18 ---> 3:56 : Green fake grass plank scratching3:57 ---> 6:22 : Lavender brush scratching then on the mic6:23 ---> 7:52 : Pink bottle/plastic scratching7:53 ---> 8:22 : wax sh
Nov 2023
Take time for yourself <3 I'll be watching your videos, even if you'll upload them once a week. Burning out from your hobby will be so sad, for you and us tooThank you for asmr! ^^
Nov 2023
Nov 2023
It just sounds windy
Oct 2023
hey we need daily uploads...