1960s Post Office ASMR ✨ Training the New Girl ✨ Crinkles, Explanations (Soft Spoken)


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ASMR videos ✨ tingles ✨ sounds for relaxation, sleep, stress relief ✨ mid-century memories ✨ 1950s 1960s 1970s Hello and welcome to Mid Mod Meridian! My name is Sherri. I grew up in the 1960s when life was a bit more analog but no less vivid and

We just hired a new girl at the Post Office, so I'll be training her at the window. We'll have to consult the Postal Manual for all the details. This video features soft spoken customer service, training/explaining, writing, page turning, and other lovely


Mar 2024
This video is not way too long ; it is brilliant, insightful, informative, and very interesting. Thank you so much for taking the questionnaire seriously and devoting considerable time to answer. I've not often commented on your videos, but they are a
Mar 2024
Mar 2024
I hope you know how awesome you are, and what the gift you offer to us, is. You're absolutely wonderful. Please don't stop.
Mar 2024
As usual a great video. Luve the doggi and i hope that you don't have pain. ❤
Mar 2024
You’re just so wonderful. Thank you for letting us be a part of your fascinating art and life full of fond memories❤
Mar 2024
Mar 2024
This is so magical and it’s going to take me three times to get through the whole thing…zzzzzzz ? ❤️
Mar 2024
?❤️? Zig!
Mar 2024
Sherri, it is so nice to know more about you on a personal level. I am blessed to meet you through your ASMR channel. You are a true artist and gem! Your fur baby is precious. ❤
Mar 2024