Welcome to the Flamingo Motel! ? 1960 Motel/Hotel Check-In Desk ASMR ? Soft Spoken Customer Service


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ASMR videos ✨ tingles ✨ sounds for relaxation, sleep, stress relief ✨ mid-century memories ✨ 1950s 1960s 1970s Hello and welcome to Mid Mod Meridian! My name is Sherri. I grew up in the 1960s when life was a bit more analog but no less vivid and

It's the summer of 1965 and time for the family vacation. After a long day on the road in the family station wagon, you are probably ready for a cold bottle of Coca-Cola, aren't you? Owned and operated by Mr. and Mrs. Hodge, the Flamingo Motel in Ft. Laude


Mar 2024
I don't usually comment much in videos here on YouTube, but I just wanna say how much I appreciate your content! This is superb, the level of details, the references to some old videos (the Tupperware parties are my favorite ones btw)... Thank you so m
Mar 2024
Mar 2024
Thanks for this, Sherrie. I have a miserable cold and this was so welcome and soothing.
Mar 2024
Oh the Simplicity patterns ?Flashback to HS home economics & my utter lack of talent in sewing classes & having a mean, critical teacher. I can sew a button on to this day, but not much else ??‍♀️
Mar 2024
What nail varnish are you wearing? I love the colour
Mar 2024
I love the Tupperware and Avon videos. I think, after viewing a lot of, if not most, asmr videos, I can say that you are number one.
Mar 2024
You do these vintage roleplays so beautifully and I very much hope you never stop making them. Thank you for helping me wind down to sleep ?
Mar 2024
This is sssooo good!! ?
Mar 2024
Just in time for my much needed Avon order with a side of bedtime. ??
Mar 2024
Hello, Sherri, hope you recovered well... ❤