1960s Handbag Counter ? ASMR ✨ Patent Leather, Sticky Fingers, Random Tapping (Soft Spoken RP)


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ASMR videos ✨ tingles ✨ sounds for relaxation, sleep, stress relief ✨ mid-century memories ✨ 1950s 1960s 1970s Hello and welcome to Mid Mod Meridian! My name is Sherri. I grew up in the 1960s when life was a bit more analog but no less vivid and

Welcome back to the handbag counter Stern's Department Store, circa 1964. Our collection of fine handbags and several coordinating billfolds from Lady Buxton can make every woman's fashion dreams come true. Won't you consider buying a set? Heavenly leath


Mar 2024
I have a question. What is the object held up to your throat in your thumbnail photo? It looks like an ornamental cowbell.
Mar 2024
I’m 18 and I’m so obsessed w the 60s it’s my favorite decade!! I love the fashion and decor and theres so much history. love your videos ?
Mar 2024
Your voice is amazing, I get the same tingles as I do from Jeannie B. Thank You ❤
Mar 2024
I have the same ? mail holder but mine is a dachshund ❤?
Mar 2024
I found a tupperware jello container at a thrift store today and I have never snapped something up so fast ?
Mar 2024
I know exactly what you mean by wanting to have a specific recording... As I was listening, I kept thinking what I might take, and realised I had similar childhood experiences with a recording of Dvořák's Ninth... and with the Dire Straits album Mone
Mar 2024
I love hearing & learning more about you. ❤As usual, it's a great video and I totally agree that people should have more empathy for others ?
Mar 2024
I worked in a library while I was in college, and I used that kind of sorter all the time. ❤
Mar 2024
Thank you for the lovely video Sherri! You are the most interesting person. I always learn something from your videos and this one is no exception :).
Mar 2024
Whenever we moved, the 1st thing my husband did was take our boys to the library & introduce them to the librarian. "They will be spending a lot of time here after school & on weekends."That was before computers took over. I miss those da