ASMR Festive Cosy Hair Treatment on @LauLauASMR with Hair Brushes, Hair Play & Comb

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?️✨? MARIA TRANQUIL TONES ASMR ?✨?️ ?? A down to earth Yorkshire lass from the UK on a mission to spread relaxation, feel good vibes and positivity through ASMR ???????

#asmr #asmrhair #asmrsleep ? SUBSCRIBE | LIKE | COMMENT ? Hello everyone & welcome to my ASMR channel. In this ASMR video, I am extremely delighted to collaborate with another wonderful ASMR Artist @LauLauASMR. She requested hair triggers and that?


Nov 2023
Gorgeous hair! ?
Nov 2023
I loved it when the two back scratchers clinked together!
Nov 2023
I am obsessed with your nails! They added to the tingles
Nov 2023
Winter candy apple is my fav!
Nov 2023
We have that jewelry store in the US I'm in Georgia. Also I love TK Maxx which is TJ Maxx in the USA.
Nov 2023
The amount of times I've watched this is wild???
Nov 2023
How fun! Bath and body works!! I just got a gingerbread foam hand soap. Smells awesome!!
Nov 2023
Ok, we need a tally of how many earrings, brushes and candles you have purchased, Miss Maria! I’ll do it on my second watch. Too tired right now ?
Nov 2023
Shopping haul…yaaas. Loved the paddle brush.
Nov 2023
Lovisa is an Australian jewellery store (most of my everyday jewellery is from Lovisa). I didn’t know they were in the UK or that their jewellery could be so tingly! What an unexpected crossover ?