ASMR Gentle Thick Hair & Scalp Pampering with Wooden Comb | Scalp Scratching, Hair Parting, Combing

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?️✨? MARIA TRANQUIL TONES ASMR ?✨?️ ?? A down to earth Yorkshire lass from the UK on a mission to spread relaxation, feel good vibes and positivity through ASMR ???????

#asmr #hair #sleep ? SUBSCRIBE | LIKE | COMMENT ? Hello & welcome to my ASMR channel. This ASMR video was inspired by the beautiful @RedVelvetASMR7859 so make sure to check her out. I will be performing a hair & scalp treatment using my wooden comb


Dec 2023
Thank you for this great video ❤. Hope you are better soon. ?
Dec 2023
As a child, both of my parents played with my hair. As I got older, my mom was my go to for hair play, but as a younger child, my dad would lay me in his lap and he’d play with my hair, take his fingers and move it behind my ears… gosh, instant tingles
Dec 2023
Absolutely love Sigglesthorne Garden Centre! ❤ also love your videos xxx
Dec 2023
I enjoy this video so much and will watch it again tonight.. I just love your decor videos and setups, it is so cozy ?❤️ xx
Dec 2023
Sehr sehr schöne Sachen hast du in dem Gartencenter gekauft. Schon neugierig wann das eine oder andere in einem deiner nächste Videos zu sehen ist.Hier in Berlin Deutschland gibt es auch ein Gartencenter das heißt , Kölle, mit ähnlicher Ausstattung wi
Dec 2023
The indoor water feature will be amazing. Even if it gives a but of white noise you could put background music over the top or a bit of white noise is nice.
Dec 2023
Christmas decorations make thee best sounds! Thank you for the amazing content, as always!
Dec 2023
OMG and yes yes we love the pink shiney shirt, thank you!
Dec 2023
I love seeing how you use your "special finds" and saying out loud "Oh, I remember seeing that on her haul video!" ?
Dec 2023
It is so lovely to listening and watching your haul video. You are so pleased with your purchases ❤. I am looking forward to seeing how you will be decorating with them for your videos.