ASMR Relaxing Hair Behind Ear on @LauLauASMR | Hair Brushing, Jade Comb, Makeup Brush

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?️✨? MARIA TRANQUIL TONES ASMR ?✨?️ ?? A down to earth Yorkshire lass from the UK on a mission to spread relaxation, feel good vibes and positivity through ASMR ???????

#asmr #asmrhair #asmrsleep ? SUBSCRIBE | LIKE | COMMENT ? Hello & welcome to my ASMR channel. In this video, I am collaborating with the beautiful @LauLauASMR where il be pampering her hair around the ear using different brushes and tools. I hope y


Dec 2023
I absolutely loved this ❤
Dec 2023
The hair is always gorgeous on your wigs! Shiny, high quality, hydrated. Makes it so much nicer to watch!!! Thank you for the effort you go to ❤❤❤❤
Dec 2023
Great video. Especially loved the brush. Made her hair silly & smooth. Hope to see it in future videos.
Dec 2023
This is the tingly-est hair ASMR video I’ve watched in a long time! Don’t know if it’s the different angle or because I know Laura a bit or something else. But very relaxing ☺️
Dec 2023
I love this relaxing video. ?
Dec 2023
Thank you for responding to it ?❤ you’re amazing
Dec 2023
This is definitely your specialty! It hooked me to your content 4 years ago & im still here! Lovvvvvvve this
Dec 2023
Only about six minutes in and the right side of my head is already feeling jealous?
Dec 2023
Would love an version of this wear the model is wearing dangly earrings. You have a couple of older videos with your sis where you gently flick/jingle her earrings and it’s a great trigger.
Dec 2023
❤Best ever hair play over ear. You are correct, never see this anywhere but when you do it. Perfectly done ?i?❤