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Hi friends! I started watching ASMR in 2014 - and shortly after... I decided I would try my hand at making my own! I've been gone for something like three years now - I had some big things happen, and it meant that, well, life got interesting for a littl


Jan 2023
Do you still read comments on your videos? I have a microphone question for you! I bought the Tascam dr-100 mkii ages ago because I liked it in your videos. However, I just now decided to try to use it and it isn't working correctly for me. Despite all
Nov 2022
I’m so addicted to your nails
Nov 2022
I still wanted to smell your fingernails
Nov 2022
Oooooooo I wanna smell that color-on your nails for a long time
Nov 2022
Ooooooo I wanna smell your fingernails
Jun 2022
2022 where are you bebe
Oct 2021
This is still my favorite ASMR video that I keep coming back to whenever I really need to de-stress and relax. The combination of sounds is PERFECT - no one else has anything like it, which is frustrating, actually. Thank you so much for the patience and
Apr 2021
You're tinglier than ever ? mic tracing is so heavenly! I rarely like whispering but this was so soft and slow and quiet, it has my heart ?❤️❤️? so glad you decided to come back! I know this was posted a year ago but I hope you're
Mar 2021
This simply genius! Yes one simple prop and slow ringing dish sends me into sleep land. This is for me five star AsmaraThank you....
Sep 2020