◇ ASMR ◇ glass sounds: tapping + polishing cloth + sticky fingers *no talking*


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Hi friends! I started watching ASMR in 2014 - and shortly after... I decided I would try my hand at making my own! I've been gone for something like three years now - I had some big things happen, and it meant that, well, life got interesting for a littl

It's been two days since my last upload?!?! Sorry guys - things got really busy over here for a minute... But I'm back! I got these cups at a thrift store because they match my china and they're really adorable, but the gilt needed to be polished on them,


Dec 2017
Dec 2017
Hi I’m 3rd comment
Dec 2017
Dec 2017
Jesus fucking Christ how long are you on a vacation for
Sep 2017
I never understood why there's always tapping and scratching videos or tapping only videos. Personally I find tapping annoying and loud, and nobody ever dedicated the video to scratching.Thank you for this ?
Aug 2017
ok ... lovely sounds but............ what the hell is wrong with you? lol do you hate the feel of sand or something you keep spazzing out to get the sand off your hands. pretty pointless when you are going in multiple times xD
Aug 2017
It was a good video don't get me wrong??. BUT OH MY GOD IS THAT CLOCK THE MOST ANNOYING THING IN THE WORLD. ??
Aug 2017
not so good...i only here "tsch sch tschh"
Jul 2017
Where did you go ;--;
Jul 2017
Omg ? I know your probably busy but if you have the chance sometime could you do a tapping on boxes video? :) Love all your videos can't wait for more uploads ?